Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Update in Kirby and Me

We have been brother and sister for a week and you would think we had been born to the same mama! We are so comfortable with each other that we are playing and sleeping on the bed together. Now don't get me wrong, we don't cuddle on the bed and there is space between us, but we are close. Tonight, Dad filled the food dish and Kirby shoved in and took over. Dad told me to shove back, so I did! I put my head over his and gots a bite and he backed off! We did this several times till he decided Dad had filled both bowls with the same thing.

He is such a silly boy. He does not under stand that we can sleep all day while Mom and Dad are at work. Then we can play when they get home. However, thy want to sleep when it is dark outside. That's why they turn off all the lights and TV. Kirby just don't understand. Last night, he wanted to play. He walked all over Dad. He put his face in Dad's face He put his nose and paws in Dad's eyes, nose and ears and tickled hos face with his whiskers. When Dad would not get up and play, he started pestering Mom. She made the mistake of wiggling. Kirby was all over her doing the same nose thing to her! then he started purring. LOUD! and then he cried but Mom told him to go to sleep. So he got under the covers ans tried to walk all the way around Mom under cover! He fell off the bed! When he got back up, he got under the covers on Dad's side.

He is just strange. I know that my place is on the green quilt at the foot of the bed and I am a Lady and stay where I should.


Cat with a garden said...

Angel, that sounds wonderful! It is great that you two are getting along so well. We had to laugh when you told us about the nightly activities! We're not allowed in the bed at nightime because we wake our mom about 3 times per night. She felt like a zombie for a month when she decided she had to shud us out. But surely some cats learn and adapt! You can teach Kirby!
Purrs, Siena & Chilli

Everycat said...

Angel this is great progress, I think you two are going to be such great friends and probably cuddlers too. Kirby's nocturnal antics made us laugh. I think Siena is right and you will teach Kirby very well.

Whicky Wuudler

Daisy said...

Kirby sounds like a real character! I am glad you two are getting along so well. Harley acts wild and crazy at night, too.

Samantha and Mr. Tigger said...

That is so cool that you and Kirby are getting along so well so fast! He sounds like a cool kitty!
Your Freezing FL furiends,

The Crew said...

Just be patient. Kirby will adjust to the household routine, although you may have to remind him from time to time that you're senior cat there!

jh an Mickey Mantle said...

gettin along?
i jus can't get along wid dat kitten joba ... he smellz. an i don't like him.
but yer doin grate.
i'm in awe uv u!

Anonymous said...

Hahah we like to sleep under the covers too! and the colder it is the further down we go, however when it is a little bot warmer we sleep in our blankies at the end of the bed.

I think it is so extra wonderfukl how well you are getting along to begin with.. there was weeks of hissing from my sisfur Mushka.. months even, but nows we are love cats :)
I can only imagine how you both will end up.
Kirby sounds ultra sweet.. maybe he may be a love kitty just liek mez :)) (even more so) :)


Anonymous said...

We are so glad to hear that you two are already getting along so well, Angel! You are a wonderful sister! We are sure that Kirby will come to appreciate you very much!

The Island Cats said...

Boys don't learn as quickly as us girls, Angel! But we're glad you are getting along well!


JB's Big World said...

That is great to hear that you are getting along so well. I wish I could get a new sister or brother.

Kimo and Sabi said...

We is not from da same mamma, but we has always been as close as brothers too!

Kiera said...

You are both cute! Thanks for visiting me!