Saturday, February 7, 2009

Not so lazy Saturday.

Mom and dad started moving things and they let the Kirby out of the closet! Mom wiped a rag over stuff and they tool down the curtains by the door. They opened the window in the door and in all the bedrooms! And the wind blew in the house! Then Mom got the treats our and tricked us into a bedroom. We had water, and a litter bod and a window with the wind but she shutted the door! We heard a strange man in the house ans wanted to go see. I was scared and upset. I had to stay in that room when I first came here because I had a sore leg and had to take meds. That is the only room Mom could catch me in. Today, I did not know why I was in there. Did I do something wrong? Was she going to make me take yucky meds? I hid under the bed, but the wind was blowing the bed skirt and it was scary.

Later when he left, Mom opened the door and Kirby ran out. I stayed under the bed. Mom tried to coax me out with treats and kept telling me it was OK that I was not in trouble, but I still did not want to come out.

Angle, you were not in trouble and you were not going to get meds! We had a cable man working and he went in and out so many times, we were afraid you or Kirby might slip out with him. we were trying to protect you!. We are sorry we scared you!

When I heard the dinner dishes rattling, I came out!


the orange tabbies (and little tortie sister!) said...

we're so sorry you had to be in that scary situation! we HATE being locked up-we howl and scratch and everything.

xo-Pippin, Turtle, and Ava Grace

Tracey and Huffle said...

I hope you got lots of treat for getting locked up like that, kitties.

Huffle Mawson

The Island Cats said...

Food always gets us to come out from under the bed!

JB's Big World said...

I get scared any time odd and strange mens come to our house. At least you were safe!

Sweet Praline said...

Do you have a Kirby monster at your houses too?