Monday, October 27, 2008

Lazy weekend!

We had a lazy weekend, almost. Mom has bought a new climbing tower for us. It looked cool so sen set it up on the living room and moved the old tree into the sewing room. It was made out of plastic pipe and pink nylon and net. We did not like it. We never used it but would go to the sewing room and climb the old one. So this weekend, Mom took the new one down ans moved the old one back into the living room! It is so tall and she is so short, that she did not realize I was on the top spot, sleeping. Thank goodness it will go through the doors with out tipping it over! I would have been spilled out and angry!

I helped Mom move the tree ans Wizard. She would inch it forward and I would scratch on it. She would twist it a little and I would climb it. I know my 12 pounds was helping keep it stable! Angel.

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Anonymous said...

Your Mom moved it with you in it? That's a little bit silly!