Monday, October 13, 2008

Mom did come home Friday night. Dad was right.. She stayed home with us all weekend. I laid on the couch with her, laid in her lap, laid on the sewing/computer table - I remember when it was the eating table, and then in Dad's rocker! I have been eating better but Dad stood on the numbers box and held me. He said I am at 12 pounds! At least I have not lost more. I have even been asking for food.

I even sat on the couch with Mom and let her scrtich my chin and ears. But not for long. Dad held me too and I weigh as much as Wizard. Mom said I should not eat so much. I am not as big a he is and should not weigh as much. We had the big bed all to our selves. Course, I still slept on the green quilt at the foot but Wizard's new favorite place is between the pillows! Angel.


Anonymous said...

We ar glad you are eating and haven't lost any weight, Wizard! We love the pillows too, especially during the daytime when we want a dark nap.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Wizard, We are glad you are eating, but stealing real live dead cow off your mom's plate can cause a ruckus.

We hope you are feeling better. We wish you weren't sick at all.