Thursday, October 9, 2008

We like to play 'outside' , it really is in the garage. Dad put a cat door in so we could come and go as we pleased. Now we can only come in. Dad was afraid we would be in the 'outside' when he came home from work and might escape to the real outside. So now we only get to go after he comes home. Last night Angel was out when Mom was cooking dinner. I got real live dead salmon! and Angel did not! I know she smelled it on my breath because she kept sniffing my face!

I think Mom loves Wizard more then me! Angel

Now Angel! We love you as much as we do Wizard. But, you are still a little shy. You do not like for us to hold you so we only pet you when you ask. Mom

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Anonymous said...

Angel, you need to snuggle up to the food bar, sweetie!

We like to smell the fishies, but we do not like to eat the fishies. Well, Gandalf will eat a bit or two.