Thursday, November 6, 2008

Angels eyes

My eyes have been watery and yucky for a couple of days. Mom tool me to see Dr. C. I hated the PTU! especially when we were outside and the wind was blowing! I reminded Mom how loud my voice could be. When we got to the office, i quited down some and when Mom let me out, I tries to hide under the chair! But the guy found me. I got an infection in my eyes. I got a shot! I did not like that at all not the junk they put in my eyes. Mom and Dad have to put it in my eyes three times a day. That is going to be a trick! I don't let them pick me up three times a day as it is. It will be a game of chase every time! He also gave me some stuff that they have to make me eat! Ha! that ain't happening easily either! Mon told Dr C. that Wizard was not eating. She told him and he nearly cried with her. When she said that he would eat any thing liquid, Dr C told her to feed him broth! it looks gross! Angel

Hey! that is good stuff. Broth is water that taste like Chicken or beef! I 'ate' a whole quarter cup the first time. Then they mixed it with my other food and I ate more! Mom was glad to see me at lease try. Since she was happy, I slept on the bed with them most of the night. Wizard.


The Crew said...

Hey, we hope you'll both be feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

Wizard, we are very glad to hear that you like the broth. That is very good news if it helps you to eat somethings. We hope your eyes are not yucky very soon, Angel!