Sunday, November 2, 2008

Dad came home on Saturday! Angel was a little scared of him at first. Dad is worried about me. I have lost so much weight that I am skin and bones. His and Mom's eyes leaked a lot today. Dad cold not sleep last night and sat in the living room. I went and talked to him. He fixed me another dish of food and I ate a little. I eat a few bites at a time. Mom has sat me in front of the food bowls several times today. I eat a little every time. But I'm just not hungry. I went out into the garage this evening for about 5 minutes. Now I am setting with Mom again. Earlier today I sat with her for an hour and let her comb and pet me. It felt good! I'm tires and sad. I have started sleeping in a room that I never went in much. Mom is upset that I will not sleep on the bed any more.

I was a little scared when Dad first came home but I, too, went in the living room and visited after Mom had gone to bed. I even got in his lap, but got right back down! I did not stay as long as I do in Mom's, which is about a minute! Angel.


Samantha and Mr. Tigger said...

Angel you need to eat more so you can keep up your strength!! We are purrring and purrraying for you to eat more and gain some weight!! ((((((Hugs to you from our house to yours!)))))
Your FL furiends,

Anonymous said...

Wizard, we are sorry you have lost your appetite. Please try to eat some more! We are very glad your Dad is home!