Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rainy Day

I scared Angel Sunday. I was sitting in the door of my room when she ran down the hall chasing Mom. She did not see me till she passed then I spoke to her. She jumped straight up, spun around and bowed up in the middle. Mom and I laughed so hard!

It is raining here. Started last night. It rained hard and was flashy and boomed a lot! Loud, a lot. Angel was freaking out! And then the lights went out! it was so cool sitting in the dark and watching her slink around. Mom ans dad had lights they could carry around and fixed my dinner and went to bed! Before Dad came to bed, the lights came back on.

Did not scare me! I thought you was some one else! And I did not freak out, much. It was really loud booms and an hour in the dark was weird - ok freaky. I did not want to tell Wizard that I woke Dad up at 5 when it started again! I just wanted to ask him what the noise and lights were.
Mom said i was a 'poor baby' and Dad told me it was ok and to go back to sleep!


Mickey said...

Sounds like you two had quite a time!!! We gad rain this past weekend and a bit yesterday, but not the boomers!
I had to giggle a bit at Angel getting scared by you Wizard,heehee
Reasing can be fun :)
Purrs Mickey

Anonymous said...

Do not worry if you are scairty of thunder boomers, Angel. We do not enjoy them at all either. We hide under the chair until they are over for at least half and hour!