Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Busy Tuesday

Mom tells we are busy today! There are strangers cumming in to install a new dish cleaning machine! The old one broke after 20 plus years! That means we will be locked in the bed room! Then Kirby has to go see DR. Hector!

Mom almost forgot! We won the 50,000 visitor contest at Samantha, Tigger and Maverick's site Life from a Cat's Prospective! We will post pictures of out prize later, if it gets less busy!

Last night Dad was dragging the rug sucker ( it is a Kirby, too) around and it made a loud noise. Dad took it apart and it has eated one of our mouses! It smashed it's little body and pulled its furs off. We are staying away from that rug sucker.

Mom: OK, guys, you are too big to get caught in the vacuum!

We sat at the front door in our chairs all day yesterday. We watched the pesky Mockingbird fly across the poach close to the door to tease us! Kirby sat there more than I did and now he is squeaking! Mom says it s sneezing but he sounds like a squeaky toy. He has a runny eye and has problems breathing, not all the time, just when he starts sneezing. So he gets to go meet Dr Hector!

Since it is Toesy Tuesday, mom found this picture of Kirby trying to take the flashy box away!


JB's Big World said...

I hope you don't get scared when the cleaning machine mens come to your house. I know I always do when strange mens come to my house.
Pedro will be super excited to get a special rock from you guys! You should send it. You don't have to shellac it, but one of my other friend's moms gave my mom that idea, so we did it.

The Island Cats said...

Kirby, I'm always trying to get the flashy box away from mom too! We hope your visit to Dr. Hector goes okay and he can make you stop sneezing...


(pee ess. we stay away from the rug sucking machine too...whether we are too big to get caught in it or not!)

Anonymous said...

We do not care for the rug sucking machine either. Our Grampy chases it around the house a coupla times a week anyway! We're goodf hiders though.

Mom got a new dishwasher last year and we gave it the Official G&G Seal of Approval! It barely makes any noise at all now. That old one made very loud noises and the dishes were still dirty!

We sure hope Dr Hector fixes you all up, Kirby!

The Monkeys said...

I hope Kirby feels better soon!

Congratulations on your prize. We can't wait to see what you got!

Our Rug sucker machine is always eating our mousies too!

Cat with a garden said...

Kirby, get well soon! So many things, we don't know where to start... Concats on winning the prize first. Then, we think is is wise to stay away from Kirby, the evil Kirby that is. Thirdly we think that 20+ years is a good lifespan for the dishwasher. Hopefully the new one will live as long! Good luck on everything!
Purrs, Siena & Chilli

The Creek Cats said...

Concats on winning!!!
Best of luck to Kirby and his visit to Dr. Hector!

Those mockingbirds sure are pesky little buggers!

quiltcat said...

We hope Kirby just has allergies, but it's good thing that he's going to Dr Hector to get checked out. We range from terrified to indifferent to the sucking machine...ours is a very old one that makes a lot of noise. It tends to get clogged up with Meowmy's hair and our furs. Hope you won't be too scared of the men installing the new dish washing machine (what, you guys licking the dishes isn't good enough for your family?). We actually like it when some workmen come to our house and we follow them around and snoopervise.

PinkynAsh said...

Congratulations on winning your prize. We don't blame you for staying away from that rug sucking machine, after what it did to your mousie.. that's scary. Hope the trip to Dr. Hector goes well.

Sweet Praline said...

I have one of those Kirby monsters in my house, too , and believe me, I stay away from it when mom pulls it out!

Tiger Lily said...

Congratulations on your win!

Stay safe with all those things going on in your house. I like to go hide when someone new comes in and then I peek around the door after a little while.

C said...

Sandusky likes to play with that tail that hangs down from the flashy box. If mom leaves it sitting somewhere he usually finds it and starts playing with it!We hope that Kirby, gets well quick!

Forever Foster said...

Good luck with Dr. Hector, Kirby.
We don't like the rug sucker at all. It scares us very much.

Angus Mhor said...

So, did the masheen men do a good job? Did they kill the Kirby? Did the mockingbird sneeze? And how is Kirby doin'? Does he still have eye boogers?