Monday, March 16, 2009

Resting on Monday

Mom and Dad had a wonderful time at the quilt show! They was gone all day Saturday but came home for dinner. Mom only got four new quilt projects and fabric to finish another one! Then on Sunday they went back to look at the quilts. There were a lot that had kitties on them! They were all beautiful, but some were weird! After the show, they met their Bean Son at the airport He was passing through. Their daughter and her kids joined them for dinner and they had a very good visit.

This is what happened when they got home.

Angel: Mom, can I go in the garage?

Mom: Yes, Where is Kirby. He still can not go!

Angel: He's in the other end of the house.

Mom: OK I'll open the door, but hurry.

Kirby: Did I hear the back door, huh, huh? Where's Angel?

Mom: She went out in the garage. You know you are to nosy to go out there with out adult supervision.

Kirby: I'm going to sit right here by the kitty door and wait!

A few minutes later Angel pushed her nose on the kitty door...

Kirby: Haha you can't come in! I am holding the door.

Angel: (muffled) Mom! I want in!

Kirby: Haha Sorry. I'm not going to let you!

Angel: Mom!

Dad looked into the laundry room to see what the issue was. Every time Angel tried to push the kitty door open, Kirby put both front paws on it and pushed her back. We were laughing so hard, be could not find a camera!

Dad: Kirby, Come here. Let your sister in. Angel, I have picked him up, try again.

Angel: Thanks Dad! Kirby is being a brat!

Mom and Dad agree!


Cat with a garden said...

Oh my, I'm sure Chilli would do the same to me if we had a kitty door, Angel! Glad your parents helped you out! It must have been very cool to get new ideas at the quilt show!!!
Purrs, Siena

PinkynAsh said...

Having a kitty door sounds like fun for mischief , sorry Kirby was being a brat.

Shadow / Molly said...

hehe Kirby yoo is a funny boy but becareful dem girl kittys can be mean when its "payback" times.

Zeus said...

We have a kitty door here as well, and it makes for interesting times at night. We enjoy startling the pet out of bed by hitting the flap repeatedly when she's dead asleep.

As for the quilting, the pet has always been a big fan of it. She doesn't do it herself, but she absolutely loves to admire the folk artform.

The Monkeys said...

We're glad your parents helped you out!

The Island Cats said... are so funny not letting Angel in...that'll teach the humans for not letting you go out to the garage!

DaisyMae Maus said...

Oh, goodness! Kirby WAS bein' a brat. Charmee does stuff like that to Cocoa Puff an' me all the time. He chases us an' thumps us on our melons. The other Feline Americans just watch with thinly veiled amusement. Sigh.

quiltcat said...

Hey, our Meowmy loves to quilt and is always looking for new cat patterns (then she buys them and never gets around to making them....). That was pretty funny with the kitty door, Kirby! One of these days you'll be old enough to go out in the garage, under careful snoopervision of course.

Piggy and Grover said...

Hee hee, good thing your parents were there to curb Kirby's mischief! A cat door sounds like fun and a good way to get parents to exercise! Our dad got our mom a cool book for her birthday last year at a quilt exhibit - it's called Cats on Quilts and your mom might like it, too!

Anonymous said...

Dadda always to the rescue!!! Just one of the many great things Daddas are good for! Naughty Kirby! hehe
Ohh I hope that you can sneak a 2uick peek at one of your mommas quilts :)