Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday secret

Illyana: What's up? Why are you smiling and whispering?

Mom: I am planning a birthday party.

Illyana: can I go to the party?

Mom: Yes and we want to invite all our friends at the CB!

Illyana: Is it my birthday?

Mom: No sweety, you aren't even four months old yet! It is a secret!

Illyana: I can keep a secret!

Mom: I'm not sure you can. I have seen you cuddled up with Kirby whispering in his ear.

Illyana: Is it Kirby's birthday?

Mom: Tomorrow it is. He will be one year old!

Illyana: Does that make him a Mancat?

Mom: I'm not sure. But I think it does!

Angel: Hey, Kirby, what is Mom and Illyana talking about?

Kirby: I don't know, Angel. I 'll ask her later today. You know she will tell me cause she is just a baby and can't help herself!

Mom: I am not sure I will have time to do a fancy party but we will have pictures of his present! and maybe a video! Maybe! Hope to see you all tomorrow.


The Monkeys said...

Happy early birthday to Kirby!! Oops, were we supposed to whisper that?

Anonymous said...

OhboyOhboyOhboy! A Party! Will there be cake and ballons?

Reese =^..^= said...

I will be sure to stop by tomorrow! mums the word.

Anonymous said...

Ooooo dis is very exciting! Kirby going to be a whole mancat now!! I knowz you can keeps teh secrets Illy :))

The Island Cats said...

Oh we are so excited! A party!!!

Leia said...

Oh how exciting! While birthdays are a bit less anticipated at my age, I congratulate Kirby on his special day! Enjoy!

The Creek Cats said...

We can't wait to help you all celebrate Kirby's furry first purrthday!!

pughy said...

Oh a party I love party's.. Yippee.. See you tomorrow,

HUgs GJ x

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

ohboyohboyohboy...shh, we'll be back.

Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

We're glad we stopped by...we love partees and hangin' with young mancats (that's Coco and Kiki talkin')

Forever Foster said...

Ooohh oooohhh! Exciting! We promise we wont tell Kirby!!

quiltcat said...

shhhhh...we'll be back later today! what fun!

Kitties @ Our family cat-a-blog... said...

Oh, wow, a mancat happening! How wonnerful! Can't wait fur da party!

To answer youz question, I hab lived wif my mom for nine years this summer. To be loved an' ta have a home is da bestest feelin' of all.

Miss Aurora Katrina

Cheyenne -Millie said...

Kirby is having a birthday?? Hmmm!

Lily Locke said...

Oh, happy birthday, Kirby!

This is your big birthday, becoming a full-fledged mancat! It's so exciting! I know my furbabies can't wait; you've got to tell them what it's like!

The Meezers said...


CCL Wendy said...

Oh the anticipation! I sure hope that Kirby does get Illyana to squeal!

Noll's Nip said...

Happy Purrthday to you, Happy Purrthday to you, HAPPY PURRTHDAY DEAR KIRBY, happy purrthday to YOU!!!