Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Sorry I have not posted for a couple of days. Mom and Dad tried giving me fluids on their own last night and they were not so good at it.

I told you I would introduce Angel so here goes.

One cold night in February, Dad came in the front rather than the back door.. He called Mom out to see what he found. Across the street huddled against the step of a Neighbors house was a tiny black and white kitten. Mom could not stand to see her out side in 30 degree weather so she started trying to coax her in. It took an hour to get her across the street because every time she started to follow Mom, another car would come. then she would get scared and run back to the step.

Finally Mon got her to the back yard and was getting her a box with a warm towel and food. When Mom opened the food again, in she came! She would run in and then back out. I came in the room to see what all the fuss was about and she hissed and growled at me. I turned my back and walked away. She followed me!

Mom was concerned that she might have something that might make me sick, so she set her up in the garage. The next morning Mom took her to see DR. C. he did tests and deemed her healthy. So mom let her loose in the house with me.

I ignored her and she stopped hissing at me. That weekend Mom could not find her. She searched all of my normal hid outs but she was not there. Finally Mom found her on a shelf in the quilting room. When Mom picked her up, her bottom was wet. Mom thought she had had an accident and did not think too much about it. Then they started looking her over closely. She still did not like to be held or touched, especially on the head, but they did it any way.

She had a bad sore on her leg that had ruptured and was infected. Back to the vet she went. No one could determine if another animal had bitten her or if a human had hurt her.

Two weeks later she went into heat. She drove me and Mom crazy! Dr. C got that fixed as soon as he could get her in.

It has been seven months now and we are best friends. We play , eat out of the same bowl and sleep together. She still does not like Mom or Dad to reach for her head when they pet her. They think some one was mean to her. No one ever appeared to be looking for her so she is now my sis.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Feeling better!

I am feeling better today. Mom talked me in to eating a little at breakfast today. Then Dad talked me into eating more! Mom took me to see Dr. C. and she and Dad learned how to give me sub-Q fluids. When we got home I went to the food dish and ask for lunch. I ate very well then!

While we were at the vet's office Mom's son called and their 11 (almost 12 year old doggy had gone to the bridge. Mon and Dad were leaking when the guys came in to teach them the procedure and thought they could not handle sticking me. We had to explain what was happening!

Tomorrow, I will introduce you to Angel! She will be sharing the blog with me!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Hi! I am Wizard. Mon's right, I am not feeling well. She begs me to eat, but I just can't bring myself to do so. I guess she will be making me eat this evening. I am tired of being poked with needles! I want to feel better, but I am just too tires. For an eight year old to be this tired, is just not right!

Wizards story

We do not know about his beginnings just the first meeting at the shelter. We had looked at one cat and thought she would be a good fit for the family. The shelter attendant could not get her to come out of the cage. Her human and passed away and no one in his family wanted her. That made us sad and we were sorry she would not come out to meet us.

In the next cage, a large tuxedo was watching us. We ash to get acquainted with him. They brought him into the visiting room an set him down. He crossed the room, passing me, and went to my husband. He picked him up and talked to him and set him back down. Back across the room to the attendant he went. She picked him up and told him he needed to such up to us, not her. He promptly went back to my husband. He was again picked up and told it was me he need to suck up to because I would be the constant companion as my husband travels a lot. My husband set him on the table and I approached him. 'Ok, fella, you have become a challenge. We will get to know each other.'

We decided we could not leave with out this handsome creature, even if he did have a problem. They estimated him to be 2 years old and his left lower eye lid curled in. He would have to have surgery to correct it or he would loose the eye.

We arranged to have him neutered ans that vet told us that it was just an eye infection and gave us an ointment to treat it with. Several days after he recovered, I noticed his eye was looking worse. I took him to a different vet and was told again that he need surgery and it was now an emergency. They kept him over night and fixed the eye lid, before he lost the eye.

I still have a hard time believing he was two. How could some one treat his eye problem for two years and then just turn loose of him. I had failed to ask the shelter if he had been a stray or a surrender.

He thrived in our home. The first night he made his bed between us. He has slept on the bed every night since. It was recommended we feed him Iams and we did for a long time, until the recall.

Wizard had developed a kidney infection about three months before the recall. it was treated and all seemed well. It reoccurred about the time of the recall. It was no longer an infection but kidney damage. He is starting his blog too late to really get to know many kitties because he is now declining quickly and is nor feeling well.