Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tuesday's toes

Angel toes. She was really showing them off today!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Rainy days and Mondays

Angel: Mom and the boys deserted us on Friday. They went to the airport to meet the boys Dad. He had a long layover on his way home, so they had a good visit. Then when they came home at dinner time, they picked up our Dad and went to play games,
ride go carts,
bumper cars
and laser tag with the boys. They came in really late! Way past the boys bed time.

Kirby: Then Saturday Morning, they packed up and left! I tried to stop them, but it did not work.

Angel: I gave them the cold shoulder or back! They came in last night with out the boys but they smelled of Illyana , Ivan and Shadow! We checked all the bags and sacks to make sure none of them came to our house!

Kirby. This morning when Mom went out to get the mail, I sneaked out!

Angel: I thought Mom was going to have kittens! She was scared and mad all at the same time.

Kirby: I stayed on the porch! It smelled so good out there and the boomers in the sky did not scare me!

Angel: Yes, but you know we live too close tot a six lane road that is busy! If you had run that way, Mom would have been beside herself!

Kirby: Well, I did not get the change. Mom came out on the porch and grabbed me and told me that outside was a big NO!

Angel: It is good you did not go out just a little later! You would have been all wet! This is the busy street . Click on the picture ans see the water the cars are kicking up!
This is the water pouring off the roof by the porch!
Mom: Kirby has been sitting by the front door every time we open it. I have been trying to keep an eye on him, but this morning I got distracted by the weather and out he ran. He ignored me calling and talking to him. He forgot his name and would not look at me when I called. I threw the mail in the floor and went out after him. He played coy by rubbing on the planters. Many times when I attempt to pick him up, he runs and I was afraid he would it this time. He did not and I was able to get him. He sure was purring when I did pick him up! He must have really enjoyed his adventure even as short lived as it was! We did get a good and much needed rain!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thoughts on Thursday

After they took the Granddaughter home, Mom and the boys stayed in yesterday and played wii. They have done that today too! The boys tried to talk Mom into letting them stay up late and play. Mom told them they had to talk to Dad (typical parents). He made a deal with them that if they went to bed on time (almost) they might get to stay up late tonight and go the Amazing Jake's for more laser tag, bumper cars and go carts. They promptly went to bed, but not to sleep! Again, typical boys!

I , Angel, have been very friendly with the boys. I am a very shy kitty even around Mom and Dad. Having Illyana and the boys this summer has taught me that it is OK to get close to people. I have let all the boys touch me. I still will not get in their laps or get too close.

I observed Illyana getting in Mom's lap when she was sat the computer. I have been trying it. I don't stay long, but each time I stay a little longer. Mom gives me lots of pats, rubs and scritches. I think I like this.

I have also been asking Dad to pick me up more in the mornings ans late at night. I stand on the bed and raise my paw and speak clearly. He stops what hi is doing and picks me up and loves on me! I think I like this too!

Mom: We are making progress. We hope some day the Angel will no longer be shy and be a lap cat!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Who is that, Mom

Kirby: Mom who is that?

Mom: Which one? The tall one (5'9") is Jake's third brother and he is 14. He is almost as tall as Jake! The other two are 11 and 9 and are still under 5 foot.

Kirby: Yeah, Mom, we noticed they were almost as tall as you!

Mom: Thanks for reminding me. You know the girl! She is the Granddaughter bean, She comes over all the time!

Kirby: Where they been all day?

Mom: We have been here most of the day! The Granddaughter went to sewing class. Then we went to the swimming pool for an hour.

Angel: Now they are off somewhere else!

Mom: Yes, kitties it is off to Fun and games!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Melancholy Monday

We have been melancholy all weekend! We have searched the house for our Illyana. We have called and called. And then Mom came home with the carrier empty and three boys! Maybe we will have fun with them!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Illyana meet Ivan

Illyana traveled better than expected. She was calm on the highways but cried in town. The starts and stops made her nervous.

Ivan was on the bed when we arrived. I sat the PTU on the bed and they sniffed each other. Then they both pawed at the carrier so we opened it!

They sniffed each other, hissed and started circling. It was not long till Ivan was in the PTU and Illyana was out.

Then the adventures began.

We have another case of which kitty is which! Ivan is darker and bigger, but younger. In this picture, Illyana is playing with his favorite ball. Beasty Bands are in the near future for these two!

Ivan in front, Illyana on back

We left them together all night. There was some hissing and growling but no out ant out fights. they ate within three feet of each other and even swapped bowls.

I know this seems fast to interrogate them but there are a lot of kids and animals Illyana needs to know.

There are so many pictures it is hard to choose. This is Illyana on the left and Ivan on the right playing with one of her favorite toys.

The fun has just started!

Friday, June 19, 2009

International Box Day

The first box picture Mom found was the last picture she took of Wizard. He and Angel are sharing a Tyson's Chicken box. It was closed on all sides but one and made a perfect place to nap.

Angel's boxes:

Kirby's Boxes:

Illyana's boxes:

Cats sharing boxes:

Angel and Kirby not really sharing!

Angel and Illyana almost sharing
Kirby and Illyana

And last of all here is a cat in a box but our Mom does not know which one of it is!

Angel or Kirby? We don't know either!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Illyana: Here are some things I am thankful for

1. For my foster mom that took me, my brother and our Mom in when wer were in need
2. For the Shelter that believes in life
3. For my future boys for spotting me and telling their Dad
4. For my Bean Grandparents that were willing to foster me a litttle longer
5. For Angel and Kirby for taking me in and teaching, playing, and loving me
6. For toys - balls, feathers, mouses and fluffy balls.
7. For stinky goodness, crunchies and a water fountain
8. For naps with the grandmother
9. For sitting on her left arm against her chest while she tries to type and visit blogs!
10. For my own room - I don't always like it but feel safe in it.

This will probably be one of my last post on this blog. I am going to my real home this weekend. I will have a new room for a few days till I get to know my new large family.

I will be posting with my sister Shadow and brother Ivan. I hope to see all my friends there!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wordy Wednesday

Angel: Dad leaves for work early. All of us kitties get up with him. We romp and play and go in the bathroom and wait to play in the wet tub. Then he leaves.

Kirby: Mom doesn't go to work so she sleeps in. Not long, but is not up when Dad leaves.

Angel: Illyana still sleeps in the nursery. When she sees it is daylight and hears Dad's wake up box, she starts crying to be let out. Then she and Kirby play THoE.

Kirby: Yeah! It is fun. We have played so hard, we have even locked ourselves in the bathroom.

Angel: This morning when Mom dragged herself out of bed, she heard Illyana crying like she was still in the nursery. Mom checked and that door was open. She checked the bathrooms and they were open. She was calling the kitties and Kirby and I came running. Illyana was still crying. Mom went into the kitchen and the crying got louder. She look to see if she was trapped somewhere. As Mom turned around to go back down the hall, Illyana cried really loud. Mom looked down and there was a little gray tail sticking out from under the pantry door.

Kirby: Apparently when Dad got this breakfast out of the pantry, Illyana got in and hid. Then Dad closed the door.

Illyana: I kept telling you guys where I was. But, no, you are all big kitties and know every thing! I am glad Mom did not get up and go do her errands before she found me!

When Dad reads this he will either feel bad or say that is what she gets for being where she should not have been!

See I am all OK! These were going to be our wordless Wednesday pictures.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuxie and Toeses Tuesday

Angel's Tuxie Tuesday!

Kirby's Tuxie Tuesday

Illyana Toeses

Monday, June 15, 2009

Mancat Monday

My very first Mancat Monday!


Sunday, June 14, 2009

They are home

Mom and Dad came home today! I, Angel, told them right away we needed to be fed. The box with the blue top is the food bin!

Then I showed them how upset I was by showing them my backside!

Kirby: I would not even look Mom.

Illyana: I was happy to be back here! I am helping with the laundry!

Mom: Illyana had a good visit with our Daughter ans Granddaughter. The girls slept together.
When we brought Illyana back into the house, we had one big hissy fit. When we left, Angel and Kirby were eating and did not see us leave with Illyana. I am not sure what they thought for four days, but Angel must have thought she ahd left on her own or had been hiding. She growled and hissed and bopped her on the head several times. Then when Kirby tried to interfere, Angel took him down the hall at a run. She and he got into three or four physical conflicts with lots of growling, hissing and slapping. I had to break them yo with the squirt bottle.

All has calmed down for now. They are all eating and playing together.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

After the party

We want to thank every one that came to our party! We are glad you all had fun. We did!

Kirby was so tired from all the playing, he did not care that he was hanging out of the tree!

Mom and dad let us have a party cause they are abandoning us ! For four whole days! Illyana is going to visit the Granddaughter while they are away. Mom thinks she is too little to leave with us! Our big sister bean will come over every day and check on us! It want be the same ad Mom, but we like her a lot! We will miss Illyana and mom and Dad. But I'll bet we can find lost to get into. Kirby can get on the cabinets with out being afraid of the squirt bottle!

We may not be able to post while they are away, but we will be back on Monday. We hope every one has a good weekend.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Yeah! Mom got the little video to load!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Let's Party

Its Kirby's first birthday! Mom made him this cool tuna train cake!

And she got Balloons for everyone! Please take a balloon!

Mom and Dad had promised Kirby a Turbo Track for his birthday. Well, they got him two!

Here he is playing with it!

And he let Angel play too!

He even let Illyana play but Mom can't find the pictures! Silly Mom! Dad is checking the old camera and if they find any, she will add one.

Mom said she would attempt to load the video of us playing. If it does not work, we will yell at her! (It would not load!)

Please have some fresh nip before you leave.

Thank you for coming to my party. May be next year Mom will be more comfortable having a bigger party with food and drinks!

Monday secret

Illyana: What's up? Why are you smiling and whispering?

Mom: I am planning a birthday party.

Illyana: can I go to the party?

Mom: Yes and we want to invite all our friends at the CB!

Illyana: Is it my birthday?

Mom: No sweety, you aren't even four months old yet! It is a secret!

Illyana: I can keep a secret!

Mom: I'm not sure you can. I have seen you cuddled up with Kirby whispering in his ear.

Illyana: Is it Kirby's birthday?

Mom: Tomorrow it is. He will be one year old!

Illyana: Does that make him a Mancat?

Mom: I'm not sure. But I think it does!

Angel: Hey, Kirby, what is Mom and Illyana talking about?

Kirby: I don't know, Angel. I 'll ask her later today. You know she will tell me cause she is just a baby and can't help herself!

Mom: I am not sure I will have time to do a fancy party but we will have pictures of his present! and maybe a video! Maybe! Hope to see you all tomorrow.