Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

I am a little fried about all the ringing of the door bell.  

(sorry it is so blurry.  Angel is sitting in a frying pan a friend gave Mom)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

I got to go outside!

 Mom and  Dad put my jacket on me and I got to go outside.

 I smell Miss Gray up here!

 What's over there?

 Mom's feet!

 Got to rest.  This jackets makes me walk funny and tired! 

 That looks like a cool place to go.  Except Mom would not let me!

 Let me scratch my marks here on the post! 

 Did I hear something? 

What?  It's time to go in?   I am not ready!  

We have been trying to get Kirby use to a harness so we can take him out more.  He loves it, but wants to run into places I can not get him out of!  Or up the tree or fence! I left him and his Dad in the yard but when I came back out, he ran to the back door! 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Mom inturrupted my Easy

There I was in the condo tube and Mom started trying to take pictures through the glass. 

  The door was in front of the condo and Mom could not get a good picture. 

 So she opened the door and I backed up!  I did not want my picture taken!

So we peeked at each other through the side window.

 Then she stuck the flashy box in the window!

 This is all she could see at the other end of the tube. 

 After Mom gave up, I laid back down  and Dad tried, but again the glass was in the way.

I am laughing!

Angel was so cute because she does not get in the condo often!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tuxie Tuesday

Mom, What is in this box?  Is it another quilt for me to lay on?  I know I never get up here, but thought I would look around.  

There are all sorts of things for a girl to play with!

Lots of pretty shiny glasses to knock over

and doll house miniatures to play with and tiny corn husk dolls! 

Yes, Angel, there is another quilt project in that box and many things for you to LOOK at. 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fall may be here!

 has not been in the 100's for a couple of weeks so Fall may be here.  It is suppose to be in the low 60's on Saturday.  For us, that is a 30 to 40 degree change.  Only in Texas is 60 chilly!

Since the temps are getting cooler and it is getting close to Halloween, we wanted to share out Avatars from Wendy of Wendy's LOL-Spot.  She put us in hats.  They could be costumes or for the cooler weather.

Thanks Wendy!

I am Angel, the black panther! I am very fast!

I am Kirby the white tiger!  I am very big and scary!

Ange: you are not! 
Kirby: Am so
Angel: Whatever!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Live Strong Day 2012


Live strong.  Think about that for a minute. What does that mean to you?

  Not  just to those living with the big bad 'c' but to those around them and that love them .  I did not capitalize that c because it is evil and does not deserve the extra attention. It causes pain to those who have it and those who suffer with their loved ones. We all have lost someone to this horrible disease or know someone fighting it

I lost an Aunt,  father-in-law, my Dad and a nephew (29) and many friends to this.  I watched them suffer through knowing there was nothing I could do for them. They taught me to Live Strong. To laugh, smile and sing when I did not want to, but it gave them some comfort.

To Poppy Vic who lost his battle and Ann who is going to Live Strong  with out her beloved husband.
To JudiBub who is still fighting and Tracy , the girls and Jidi's Mom who are Living Strong to support her.

This disease affects out beloved pets, too.  Most recently  Lilly Lu. Her family is learning how to Live Strong while missing her.

THere are many others that I have not nammed, but they and their families are all in out thoughts, prayers and purrs.

LIVE STRONG and lets beat the terrible 'c'