Friday, July 31, 2009

Finally Friday

Well, Mom did not find her Electric Quilt disc. She looked every where she could and even looked in the freezer as Taylor Catssss suggested. I know it is weird, but Mom has done stranger things! (like putting the butter in the pantry and the bread in the fridge). She contacted the EQ company and she can get a replacement CD for a nominal fee( about a quarter of the original) . But she did get a lot of reducing the stuff taken care of. That seems to be one oh her goals this year.

She did find the directions to our outside play pen and pink Kitty tower. They had a web site and customer service hot line. Just as we suspected they are products.

Angel was so tired from helping yesterday that she is taking a nap. Mom made a pie for daughter's graduation party. They put the pink towel in the box to transport it. It came home this week and it makes a neat nap spot.

Kirby is doing his usual mid afternoon project. hiding. He is no where to be found!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

WHat has Mom lost?

Mom lost a computer disc. She has turned the house upside down hunting it. We helped her clean and hunt.

Angel: I was helping by staying out of the way!

Kirby: I was helping by getting Mom to play with me so she could take a break:!

Angel: While they played, I checked out the stacks of stuff to see it there were any toys. There weren't!
Angel: Oh, Mom did not find her disc! She may attack a different room tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wonderful Wednesday

Mom left us on Monday. WE did not know was going anywhere. She and Dad went to Houston cause Dad had to work. Mom got to go to the quilt shops, well, two at least. On the way, they delivered a bad of By Nature food to The Kitty Krew.

Their Mom is looking for better food that has more meat in it and less grain. Mom had tried to get us to eat this stuff but we refused. She even mixed it with our usual food and we would eat every thing but the new stuff. We would not even touch it if she did not put any thing but that in the bowl. So Mom offered the bag to the Krew kitties.

Mom and their Mom did not get to meet cause of the timing, but the Krew's mom left us a package on the porch. We got Nip socks
and Nip mouses!

Mom got a cute black and white kitty!
ANd what was Kirby doing while I posed?

Oh, Mom and Dad came home today!

Thank you Kitty Krew!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday Mom Meme

Mom's been tagged! So we will let her have the blog today.

The Monkeys, Samson and Delilah, tagged our Mommy with a game.

Here are the rules:

Either (1) post 7 facts about yourself AND photos OR (2) post 10 facts about yourself with no photos, OR (3) post a childhood picture of yourself.

I am going to do the first and third . I am not crazy about posting full face pictures of my family.

1. I was born and raised in a small Texas town. We lived in town but had a small farm with cows. I was grown and married before I remember leaving the state.

2. I was a wall flower and loner in school. The friends I had were 4 years or more younger than me.

3. I met my husband in Jr. Collage (Two year school, like community collage). We are still together after 40 years (March 2010), two kids, 7 grand kids, we are still happy.

4. I worked at a major electronics company for 33 years. I was pushed into retirement this February. Most days I enjoy it. Some are harder than others.

5. I Have been a Girl Scout leader for 33 years, too. I love camping, but most of the older girls do not. I also enjoy guiding girls along their path to adult hood. After 4 troops, it is so fun to see those little girls all grown up and meet them in the market.

6. I love to quilt. I am more of a piercer than a quilter. Some of you will knot the difference. A piercer makes the patchwork tops. A quilter stitched the pretty designs that hold the top, filler and back together. I also build miniatures, houses and furniture, do needle work, and read. Although my fancy embroidery machine has kept me from a lot of hand work.

7. I love my cats. I had a cat growing up. There were several that hung around the house but only one was my Mr.Jinx. Mom had a dog that loved the cat, too. I would end up with more cats than I can feed if my husband did not protest. He loves the ones we have but knows our limits.

Now for the childhood picture. As you can see I was born int the black and white era. the first color school picture was 5th grade and then they went back to B&W in 9th and 10th.

me at 1, at 12 pounds, I had tripled my weight.

at 4 or 5. I got my first haircut at 5. Mom had broken her leg and Dad got tired of fighting me to put it in a tail so he took me to the barber shop!

Me in first grade, all 26 inches and 20 pounds of me. Yes I was a very small kid. I am still considered short, but we won't discuss wide!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Easy like Sunday afternoon

Mom and Dad took the Granddaughter bean to see Harry Potter. When they got home they took naps. when Mom woke up, she discovered we were napped, too!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Christmas in July

We got a package. We know we have had it for a couple of weeks but Mom hated to post it till she sent ours off. She had some production issues and was delayed.Our partners were the girls at Zoolatry, Maggy, Zoey and the ZH (Ann). The ZH is wonderful with photos!
Hurry Mom! Open it!

Look! It's got our names on it!

Here is the pretty card.
What else is in there?

We want to see it all!

Mom is going to post some of the 30 pictures she took. Not all! We don't want to bore you!

There were Temptations, Catnip, Pawbreaker, a woolly mouse, a shiny mouse, ans a fuzzy mouse. There was a cute black ans white kitty that Angel fell in love with! She has pulled off one of its whiskers and Mom had to put it up so she could not chew on it! There were cat charms, a magnet, magnetic book marks, a picture of us on Santa's lap and a double framed picture of us and one of Wizard at the bridge.

Typical of any kid, Kirby enjoyed the box, too.

Thank you Maggy, Zoey and Ann. We really enjoyed playing!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuxie Tuesday

Since Mom needs the air conditioning on the polar setting, we enjoy the warm of the garage!

You two are wimps! 78 is not polar! just 20 or so degrees cooler than outside!
Right, Mom! See ya!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Splish Splash I was taking a bath

You have to look good fro Mancat Monday!

Mom is feeling a little better. She did not sleep well last night so has been laying about all day . The heat and humidity makes the air heavy and hard to breath. Mom stays inside on days like this.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Easy and special Sunday

Today was a special Sunday. Our Bean Sister was to walk the stage to get her masters degree. Mom and Dad went to a party at her house last night and Mom came home with an asthma attach. She is still coughing and her chest is heavy, but she is OK. The daughter bean did not go the the ceremony after all. Probably too much party! But it does not matter because she did the work and will get the paper that says she did.

We are just hanging in the garage cause it is laundry day.


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Rocks and bugs

Today's Photo hunt was rock. Here are our examples.

This is Angel and Kirby playing with a round rock from my family farm. It rolls like a ball and they chase it all over.

Then Mom found this big bug on the rocks around the flower bed. It is a cicada or a locus.
This is a close up of him! He is really ugly!
These are the holes he and a friend came out of. Mom stuck her finger in one of the holes and it fit with lots of room!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pink Tower

Kirby wanted to show off the pink tower he was in yesterday. Mom could not talk Angel in to posing! This is the whole thing.

This is the top cube. It has a hole in the top that I can go out and go down the mesh ramp. But the ramp does not go any where.

This is the bottom cube. It has a hole so you can get in and nap. Angel has napped here!

This is the middle platform. This is where I was yesterday. It has a mesh ramp that goes to the floor. It is attached with Velcro that is a lot of fun to pull apart!
This one shows me playing with the green ribbons.

Mom got this at Target last year. She looked this week but they don't carry it any longer. She looked all over it as she put it back in the house (it has been stores in the garage) and there are no tags that tell who made it. Only warning labels.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Millie, Sandusky, Spooky and Monty at Millie's House and Huffle Mawson have been talking about nicknames.

We wanted to share ours

Little Miss
Baby Girl ( Do all humans call us baby)
Angel Baby
Sweet Girl
(Mom calls me other things, but her brain is not working today!)

Yes, I am blowing Mom a raspberry!

Baby Boy
Stinker ( and other similar names when I am into things I should not be)

The neat Climbing tower I am in was bought at Target when we got the our door play area. They got these neat things for Wizard but he did not like them. Apparently he was afraid of the mesh. He could not understand that he was safe when he could see through the 'floor' . Angel took her lead from Wizard, then.

WE love these things now! Angel had seen me play in them and understands she is safe!

Mom was getting html errors and had to publish id bits and pieces cause she did not how to fix it. The preview looked OK, but it would not publish. Now she has her fonts all messed up! She needs to get a book on html for dummies.

Monday, July 13, 2009

For those that asked yesterday, Mom got the cool outdoor cage at Target, last year. She looked on line and could not find any thing like it. While she was out today, she went to Target and they do not have any thing in the store, either! She looked all over the cage and there is no tag that tells who made it. There are warning tags but that is all.

The Kitty Krew gave us an award, the "Your Blog is a Dream" award.

This one's rules are to give 7 beauty tips and pass the award on to 7 bloggers.

1. Get plenty of sunshine! Lay in the windows and follow the sun patch.

2. Drink plenty of water. Or play in the fountain or wet bath tub.

3. Take lots of naps. On the bed, the couch, the ottoman, the rocking chair, window sill......

4. Demand stinky goodness! As often as you can get it.

5. Groom. Let Mom or Dad brush and comb you! Groom your furblings, too, and let them groom you. Mom says it is not nice to bite while grooming.

6. Play! Run and chase and climb wrassle!

7. Get close to your humans! Follow them, sit on them, lay on them, sleep with them.

We want to pass this on to the following blogs:

1. Noir's Nook
Publish Post

2. Lucky Lady
3. The Monkeys
4. Noll'a Nip
5. Lilly, Iris and Maxie
6. Dinah the Diva (when she has time after her studies)
7. Shadow ( when she feels up to it!)

Mom is off to hunt for the blog that gave us the 6th photo. She knows someone passed to us but can not remember and she is embarrassed. She really wants to play but she also wants to thank the kitty's that gave it to us.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday adventure

Miss Peach is holding an auction to help with Shadows vet bills. These are the cute Salt and Pepper shakers .

Thank you Miss Peach!

Kirby: WE rested, but Mom and Dad did not. Mom's quilt/craft room is not covered by the house air condition/heater. It has a 'window' unit shoved in a hole in the wall. Well, It quit working last winter. That was not a problem, cause we have fairly mild winters. But when it started getting over 100 every day, Mom said something needed to be done.

Angel: Friday night our bean sister came over to help Dad install a new unit. It is not that Mom is not capable of helping, it is just that she is short and the unit was over her head.

Kirby: After they got that done, Mom started clearing up the stuff. Since she has not been able to work in there, she has a filing system called "pile it" . And believe us, it was piled. So after errands on Saturday, she and Dad started in cleaning. She did not just put stuff up, she threw stuff away and dusted and swept. She went through cabinets and boxes and cleared all the surfaces! It is a whole new room!

Angel: This morning, they continued working. Dad had some work to do on the outside of the new cold air box, making it where the aid did not sneak our or bugs could not sneak in. Then he did some work on the front of the house, before the temperature got above 100.

Kirby: This is where the adventure came in. Last year Mom bought a screen box that has shelves in it. It is so city kitties can go outside and be safe.
It is not very big, but I can stand up under the shelf or on top of the shelf. Mom shoved me inside and she and Dad set it on the front porch.

I could smell the grass, trees, birds, paint ( Dad was painting the porch support post) and all sorts of things. There was this big Blur Jay that was teasing me. he would look over the edge of the roof on my left and say 'peek-a-boo' then he would disappear only to show up on the right side and say it again. It was lots of fun. I got to stay outside for ages.

Mom: Kirby, it was only half an hour!

Angel: I did not want any part of that adventure. I stayed inside where it was cool!

Mom: Dad is talking about getting a large metal dog kennel for the yard so Kirby can put his paws out ans get closer nature! The net cage has tabs on either end . You are suppose to run a rope through the holes on the tabs and stake it down so active kitties won't turn it over. When I took his new 'toy' down the hall for storage, he followed me and talked to e. I think he was afraid it was going away..

Friday, July 10, 2009

Finally Friday

After all the worry over Our sweet Shadow this week, we are all resting in dark quiet places, like she is! Kirby is under the bed ans Angel is on it. Mom may be on the couch asleep, soon!

The flash makes the room look lighter than it really is.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thursday thoughts

9:30 update. Shadow and her Mom and Dad are home. She was quite all the way home but that could be be from the sedation they gave her to look in her ears. She has been fed and put to bed. Her first order of business was the litter box. The parents are exhausted and going to bed, too. Her Mom will up date their blog with in the next couple of days!

5:25 update. It looks like all the purrs and prayers are helping. Shadow has been released and will be going home. She has a massive inner ear infection. There was a little blood in the ear canal and the eardrum was bulging. She has to be sedated for the Vets to even touch the ear. The infection has affected her balance and they believe the swelling has caused the other neurological symptoms. She is a healthy and young cat and they could not find any other issues that would cause the symptoms. She will have to be given oral meds and ear drops twice a day to fight this. Her regular vet had already put her on antibiotics and that is why there was some improvement. She will be confined for several days in in a very large crate with room for her bed, food and litter pan with a limited contact with the family and out of the light.

The family want to thank each and every one that has been sending good vibes to our girl. We will get around to thanking each of you personally!

I will get one more update when they get home, but that will be late tonight.

12:15 update: They arrived and Shadow has two hours of tests ahead of her. She did well on the ride because they kept the carrier covered. She is like some one with a migraine, if it is dark and quiet, she does fairly well. She seemed to be able to walk a little better today and appeared to eat dome over night. May be being at home with her boy helped. She was talking to the vets ans had started to hyper-salivate when they left her. I will pass on news as we have it. They are thinking this is just going to take time and rest to recover from.

We have dedicated our blog to Shadow and her family this week cause they have not had time to keep every one uprated. I will be posting updates as they com in today.

At 9:20 a.m. Shadow, her Mom and Dad are on the road to the University . Jake stayed home to supervise his 4 younger brothers.

In other news, we have needed rain for days, but Mom said we did not need it in a solid form. We got dime size hail yesterday.

This is the hail with a dime. It was so hot the hail had already started melting.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Shadow update

I talked to Shadows Dad last night. She is about the same. She was talking and pacing and not resting like she should. The Vet changed her meds and covered the front of her cage with a towel. This seemed to help. She relaxed and was laying down every time they peeked in on her.

She will be coming home tonight to prepare for her tip to the neurologist on Thursday morning. This is a two and a half drive to the University but she always traveled fairly well.

We appreciate all the purrs and prayers and words of encouragement from all our friends. It really helps to know we are not alone.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Shadow update

AFTERNOON UPDATE: Shadow is fighting hard. She is purring and cuddling her family. She is eating a little. Since she is fighting, they are contacting the neurologist to see when they can get the a non-emergency appointment.

Our Jake's Shadow is still not doing well. This all started on July 2. Her Mom was treating all the animals (3 cats and 4 dogs) for fleas/ticks ans ear mites. She wraps the animals gently in a towel so they feel secure. She had put the Revolution on Shadows back and there was no problem. Se started putting the ear mite stuff in her ear and Shadow jerked violently and became distressed. Her mom let her go and she went to Jake's room. The next morning one of Shadows eyes was dilated. The Vet treated her with IV's and deemed her well enough to go home. Friday Morning she was foaming at the mouth ans staggering. She went back to the vet and has been there all this long weekend. She is eating , a little. She is still having some foaming and throwing up and staggering. She has been on oxygen and steroid shots. The doctor is suggesting a specialist several hundred miles away. But remember, this is a large military family and they are on a tight budget!

Her Mom is taking her Jake up to see her now. The current plan is to wait and see. If she is able to come home to a quiet room with Jake on Wednesday, they will do that.

The Doctor thinks she was oxygen deprived and has brain swelling. They have some very hard decisions to make and need all the purrs and prayers we can give them.