Saturday, January 30, 2010

Laundry and Award

Today is laundry day. You all know that I love the dryer, but I also like to help sort the towels.


Show Some Love Award

I got this lovely award from handsome Noll, at Noll's Nip

The rules of this award are to award it to five blogs which
"show some love."
Like NOll, I agree that all the blogs I follow speak love in volumes.

So, I'm going to give it to some of my special friends.

Queen Bailee at Queen Balees Views
Gracie the gray girl at Gracie
Pedro at Vote for Pedro!
Cameron at Jan's Funny Farm
Stripe at Homeless Cat Care

Now you can pass on the love!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Fuzzy Friday

This did not come out as planned! Angel and Kirby were setting in the garage by the bicycle in the shadow of an open umbrella. By the time we got the camera, Kirby had walked off. The picture did not show the shadow the way we planned.

Mom is still behind on awards. Her primary laptop failed again, video card again, and is getting a Blue Screen Of Death! All the pictures and awards are on it. She has them written down and will go to the blogs and get them again this weekend.

It is very wet and cold here today. There are snow flurries just North of us and SHadows family is probably snowed in, again!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuxie toes on Tuesday

Kirby toes. He lays behind the laptop on the table and reaches under the monitor to grab my fingers. That is why it is a little blurry!

We received the Cool Blog and Blogger award from Sakura

Monday, January 25, 2010

Kirby: Gee Mom. you were home all day so why is our post so late?

Mom: I did get your picture sent to Amy so she could make your Naughty Kitty Club Badge! your Naughty Kitty Club badge.

Angel: Look at the award we got from the Zoolatry girls!

Kirby: This is what they said about the award!

Last year, we gave out the Zoolatry Shining Star Award for 2009.

We would now like to present our new 2010 Shining Star Award to each of you.

Sent with our thanks... we enjoy your blogs, your kitties and woofies so very much (even though we are quite remiss about frequent visits).

We enjoy and our very grateful for your friendship, and we appreciate your staying in touch with us.

Many many heartfelt thanks, and purrs...
Maggy and Zoey and Ann

Mom: Things are almost back to normal this week. We have several awards that have not been pposted so we will try to post one each day!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Where does time go

It is time to catch up with our friends. We did not get company after all. Our sisfur bean and her kids are renting a house close to us and can move in on Saturday or Sunday. Her kitties are safe in the old house and they stop by every other day to check on them. They will only have to move once and not be scared of too many new things. Their Sister pup is visiting with a Friend and will come home to the new house. One of their sister pups will be living with other friends permanently. It was the best solution for all concerned.

The Granddaughter bean has been staying with us during the day till they can get her enrolled in school. We like her and do not hide from her.

Some kitties ask if I, Kirby, snagged Mom's sweater. No, I did not. It already had a couple of holes in it and that is why it was on the sewing table.

Our diet is going fairly well. We are not eating as much but that is OK. We actually have food in the bowls most of the day. Even Angel is eating it!

Mom: Things are settling down around here. One more weekend of moving my daughter into a rent house and getting them settled and we can start to get back to normal. my Mom has decided she wants to get well cause she is tired of being sick! That is a great improvement!

Thank you all for your prayers and purrs.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Mancat Monday

A true Mancat knows the value of comfort.

Mom's cashmere sweater.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tired Thursday

Kirby: mom says we are going to have company!

Angel: Is it the Granddaughter bean?

Kirby: I don't think so. Mom said something about four feet and one is floofly and one isn't

Angel: Well, they are not sharing my quilt!

Mom: The Granddaughter's cats will be staying with us for a short time while their beans relocate. They are eight years old litter mates. Their brother lives with our Grandmother! He will have to come live with us some day, but not soon.

I am not sure if I have used these pictures before, they were on the camera and I am to tired to check. We packed half a house today and have the other half to do tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tuxie Tuesday

Mom thinks it is Tuesday. She said her family is on a roller coaster spiraling down hill into chaos this week. She had two and a half hours from Sunday at 6 am till 12:30 am on Tuesday. We are napping to help her catch up.

Grand Mother was better when Mom left her house on Sunday afternoon. She is continuing to improve. Other family issues developed but every one is working to resolve them.

Mom said she will visit all she can and post when she has time.

Mom is so sorry that she missed Kirby's first year gotcha day. She promises a big party for both us us on Angel's day next month.

mom: I want to thank all of you for your purrs and prayers for Kirby and My mom. Kirby does not like the new diet food from the vet and hates the poo softener medicine. We are feeding Angel the same food and she hates it, too! They will get use to it, soon. At least they agree on some things!

And now for the Tuxie Napping Tuesday!



Friday, January 8, 2010

Firday update

Mom delayed her trip because of Kirby's vet visit and the cold. By the time they got back from the Vet, Mom would have been driving after dark in the below freezing weather so she waited til this morning.

Kirby update. Thank you all for the purrs! He does not have a UTI, nothing to do with the urinary tract. He had a bad case of 'nopoopatal' (constipation) like Mr Hendrix Baby Joel (#2) had! The vet gave him a sedative and resolved the problem. He made many enemys! They sent home home a little woozy and with prescription diet food. He gets more to eat than before! He is doing very well today and taking care of business in the box!

Not sure if he was embarrassed by this post or giving me the back of disrespect!

Update on my Mom. She will be going home tomorrow. That does not mean she is well it just means she wanted to go home and the doctor agreed to let her.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Kirby is not feeling well. He has been sitting in the litter box, a lot but nothing seems to be happening. He is also purring constantly. That may not sound strange, but he never purrs! He is going to see Dr. Hector in a little while. He is still eating and drinking and chasing Angel but 4 times in the box in 30 minutes seems excessive. Then after he leaves the box, he is licking himself.

We may be off line for a few days. Mom has to go check on her Mom. She is in the hospital and is very depressed. They got her past the Pneumonia but she does not want to eat. She had a very tiny heart attack but it did not cause any damage. Mom needs to go and relieve her sister so she can get some rest.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas present revealed

In November om was working on a project for Shadows Mom for Christmas. We helped her by laying on it.

Angel helping in the early stages.

Kirby, really helping! hahaha

Mom delivered the package and Ivan thought he would help show them off, too!

Mom made Texas place mats for Shadows Mom!

She made two sets of 7 with two different backgrounds. Shadows Mom tole her boys they could not use them! However, she did set the dinner table with them!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Tuxie Tuesday

Mom and Dad had a lot of laundry after their trip. Kirby helped.

He did not care that the cloths were wet.

This is when Mom pulled him out to shut the door!

On a sad note, we lost a friend today.

Around 4:45 this afternoon, Joey was helped to the Bridge. Joey at the Chesney Cats

His Mama's heart is broken and could use some purrs.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

What happened to our post

Mom and Dad are home. Mom discovered that our scheduled post did not happen, so she started over.

This picture was suppose to post on New Years Day but didn't.

This is the 'morning after the party' picture! Kirby still lookes a little nipped out!

On a more serious note, We are sending our prayers and purrs for Ms. Bobbie at Cats~Goats~Quotes

The only updates we are getting are from Bobbie's Facebook page