Friday, September 25, 2009

It is our Blogosversary

Angel: Mom, has it really been a year?
Mom: Yes, Angel, you and I have been blogging for a year!
Kirby: What about me?
Mom: Kirby, you have only been here eight months.
Kirby: Oh, OK.

Angel: Mom what is this:

Kirby: I don't think I like this!

Mom: I have been telling you all week that i am going to see Shadow, Illyana and Ivan's family!
Angel: But Mom, that is a lot of cloths!
Kirby: Yeah, Mom, how long you going to be gone?
Mom: I am going to be gone a week. But Dad will be home with you! You will still have some one to feed you and pet you and to sleep with!

Angel: But Mom, it's mot you ans Dad has to go to work.
Mom: Angel, it will be OK.
Kirby: But you are leaving on our special day!
Mom: That's OK too. Dad is going to the Cat Connection and get more special food: Like this one.

He is going to get a small bag each of Salmon, Chicken and Tuna. You can tell him which one you like best. We know you like the Tuna and it seems to satisfy you.

Kirby: Will we get to go out in the garage?

Mom: Yes, just tell dad you want out. But it will only be at night when he is home.

Angel: Me too:

Mom : Yes, Angel, you too. Dad said he would try to get some pictures of you this week and send them to me so I can post.

Angel: Mom, would you post pictures of Illyanna?

Mom: Yes, sweety, and Ivan and lovely Shadow and George and Peek-a-Boo.

Kirby: I want to go play with Illyanna!
Mom: Not this time, Big Guy!
Angel: We did not get to have a party and we probably won't be around much, but we will try.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Mancat Monday

Mom's sewing machine had to go to the shop again for the third time this year. She is sad so Dad and I played to cheer her up!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Easy like Sunday

Kirby on top holding Angel's paw.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Food meter

We have discovered that Angel and Kirby have a food meter. If the quality or quantity is displeasing, they bring out the meter. It started life as a purple pompom with shiny hairs. They had a purple and a blue one. The blue has disappeared and the purple one is very grungy!

It only appears when there is a problem with the fool. We cut their food down by 10% and went to 'lite' food. Kirby put the purple thing in his bowl the first day. Last night we observed Angel putting it in her bowl. It has also landed in the water fountain if the filter is clogged and we have not noticed. As you can see the bowl is empty!

This morning, they were playing happily together under the bathroom door. They chased and ran and were playing nice. Then all of a sudden, the fur was flying and angle was growling, hissing, yowling and trying to get away. The squirt bottle did not even faze Kirby. So He went into time out. I pulled 4 loose clumps of fur off Angel.

Kirby trying to say he is sorry.

Angel thinking about accepting his apology.

When he as released, they made up and are cuddled up on the couch.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Paper bag

Our grocery store did not have plastic bags this weekend so were using paper. I have ask many times for paper and they did not have them! We told the checker that our cats would love the toy she was sending home.

These pictures were taken at close range and do not have the best shots of the cats, but the action was taking place under the dining chair next to me. I had to hold the camera at odd angles because I was afraid that if I moved I would disrupt the fun. The first one was taken blind. I held the camera in front of the bag and clicked.

Kirby is in the bag and Angel is outside and then they swap.

Angel attacks!

Angel taking a different approach!

A little paw action.

Kirby out of the bag and Angel entering.

Angel peeking out at Kirby.

The next move was a chase through the house and now they have disappeared!

I need to learn how to get the camera into video mode quicker! This would have made a great video!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tuxie Tuesday

Kirby giving a good tummy shot.

Angel's pretty toes

Kirby: This is not the back of disrespect. This is me posing to show off my new collar. Mom has not found the old one. Hahahaha

Sunday, September 13, 2009

We had fun playing with the camera video today. These are all short videos in sequence as they happened. I kept them short because Blogger did not want to load a longer one last time I tried.

This first picture is Kirby playing with Dad. He loves to get into the lid of the hamper ans be pushed all over the bed. By the time I got set up to video, he had decided the game was over.

Angel Walking on the bed and smelling the hamper lid.

Angel checking out what Kirby is into. There is a bag of books beside the bed side table that he is digging in.

Kirby leaving and Angel just chilling.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mom, what are you doing to me

Kirby has his yearly (first one) vet check up. He is doing great, no problems other than his weight. He gained a pound in the last 2 months! We noticed the side bulges ans suspected Dr. Hector would not be pleased. SO, our options are cut his food, again, or go on special diet food.

I having putting a third of a cup in each bowl twice a day for some time. I make it a level measure, but Dad has been rounding it. Then they have been sharing a container of Meow Mix at night. So I have changed the dipper to a quarter cup measure. ans will cut the wet food to every other night. If I do not see any results in a couple of months, we will go with the diet food.

Kirby: I was not pleased! I did not want to get in the PTU! I have always gotten in it for Mom, but yesterday I fought it. Now she knows why! I knew nothing good could come out of that trip!

Mom: Sorry , Kirby, but you have to see Dr.Hector at least once a year!

Kirby: Mom also got a torture device for me! She put it on me ans I was a way in a flash.

Mom: Kirby, It is a harness, a cat holster, so we can learn to go outside in a controlled way.

Kirby: The first time I freaked out. The second time was not so bad. Who knows, I may learn to like it! (it is blue denim so you may have to biggify the picture to see it better)

Walking low!

I have had enough!

And the action shots!

Look! I got two tails!

And Mom turned her back for a second and missed the best part. This is what she saw when she looked back!

And here I am telling that old thing just what I think.

Friday, September 11, 2009

We remember

With tears in our eyes and pain in our hearts, we remember.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Does the moon affect us?

Angel: Last weekend Mom and Dad went to the country to Grandma's farm. They have cats , dogs, chickens ans cows. We don't like to travel to the vet's office so we do not go to the farm. It is three hours away.

Kirby: Dad went on the porch and saw the moon. Mom called it a harvest moon. We think it is spooky. It should have been posted with my picture Mom took through the window. Dad said this was a a hard picture to take.

Angel: Kirby and I have been playing rough again. He attacks me and bites and kicks. Mom and Dad don't like it cause I cry out. Mom wants to know if moon phases affect cats?

Kirby: But Mom has noticed that Angel starts some of the 'play' sessions but ends up growling and hissing at me. I usually get blamed and Mom brings out the squirt bottle. Or Dad puts me in time out where I cool down.

Angel: These pictures are of a fun play session. WE did not get so angry here. This just turned into slap paw. Kirby, you are in my special bed!

Kirby: I didn't see your name on it!

Mom missed the paw action cause we were too fast!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Who ever heard of a day on the internet with our cats

We want to join the fun of telling some people that there is no such thing as a cat free Internet, even for a day.
Here are our contributions.

Angel looking out the front door. We had Kirby our side in his playpen and she was crying at the door. It seems that a lot of our pictures were taken through windows! Dad had to take this one cause Mom was too short.

This weird one was taken from outside the window when I was taking flower pictures. Kirby was watching! With the late afternoon sun, there was no way go get a clear picture of him with our the reflections and glare.

Angel (on left) and Kirby cuddling, again!

This is the kitty we see from the windows. WE do not know anything about this sweet kitty. It just hangs out in our back yard. This one is taken from inside the window.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hams of the Werld Yoga Class and Luau

Angel: While we are learning Yoga with Mrs Skittles, Mom has been playing in the yard.
Kirby: I hope I get to go outside when we get home.

Angel: Mom has these red flowers in the front of the house. They are called dwarf Amaryllis.

As the name suggests, these beauties are smaller than the large flowering Amaryllis, but by no means less impressive. They are an ideal complement to their larger cousins, or stunning on their own. Although each flower is smaller than a large Amaryllis, the Dwarfs produce up to 12 flowers per bulb!

Kirby: They are very pretty. and old!

Angel: What Kirby is trying to say is that Mom has had these plants for 40 years. She has dug them up and moved them every time they have moved. Her Mother set them out when our Mom was a kid. Her Mom still has a few but not as many as we do.

Kirby: They bloom in September and some times in late August. The first fall rains bring them up. After the pretty red flowers are gone, the leaves come up. Mom keeps talking about separating them so they will make even more.

Angel: While Mom and Dad were outside they saw this big butterfly. He sat still a long time and they took lots of pictures. I will be glad to get home. The tour has been loads of fun and so has being with so many friends, but I miss Mom.

Kirby: I have enjoyed the tour, too and all the mancat's to talk to. It was nice to see the lady cats, too! There are some really pretty ladies out there.
Angel: We have learned a lot about how other furblings get along. We see that we are fairly normal!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Off to London to see the Queen

Angel: No, Kirby, you won't see the queen and you can not frighten a mouse from under her chair!

Kirby: Then why are we going to London?

Angel: On the Ham of de werld tour! We are in the Tardis flying through space! Daisy is at the controls, so it should be a save smooth ride.

Kirby: You don't know how to have fun! It is more fun when Sammy is driving.

Angel: We were going to Mrs Skitttles but her mom is not feeling well.

Kirby: We all hope she is feeling better!

Angel: Yes we do! For more fun on the Hams of de Werld Tour, stop by the Meezers They ave some great pictures!

Kirby: I was having a lot of fun with Angus! I wanted to stay a while, but Angel said Mom told her we had to stay together!

Angel: Kirbster, Angus just lives down the road from us. May Be we can go back and visit again.

Kirby: OK, I hope he helps Huffle figure out where to put her new Pot!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Hams of the world - Day 2

We are having a lot of fun. The wide in the WEINER-MOBILE was wild! We just thought that plane ride was bumpy! Angel: Then why were you sliding back and forty squealing WEEEEEE, Kirby! Little brothers!

Sammy has more of the tour on his page, Meezer Tails

Relaxing after a large lunch are Mr Tigger, Missy Blue Eyes, Zoey, Roxy, Kirby, and Maya.

That's Kirby in the blue Beasty Band.

Chef Harley is ready to help cook up an early mid afternoon snack. Derby and Angel are hanging out waiting for some of the chef's foods!

Angel was pointing out that Oscar is into Kraft's!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hams of the World

Hams of the World tour!

Our Flight to Houston on Southwest was delayed because they had to inspect those planes, again!

But we made it to Smith-field HAM in time for the tour.

Now, will the WEINER-MOBILE be less turbulent than the flight?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tuxie Tuesday

Kirby: Mom found me! I have taken over Angel's favorite hiding place!

Mom: I had to move the mattress and aim the camera down past the box spring.
Kirby: Why Mom? I was sleeping. The flash woke me up!

Mom: This was a fun shot. I pointed the camera toward the foot of the bed and snapped. I had no idea what I would get. I really could no see his head!

Kirby: OK, Mom. Now that I am awake and up, what do you want?

Mom: Nothing, I got what I wanted! Go back to sleep.

Angel: Hey, Mom! Here is the best tummy shot you are getting. And look it is the three T's.. Tummy, toes, and Tuxedo!