Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

Kirby tried to look spooky!

We got a new litter box today because our original automatic one broke.  It was 8 to 10 years old! 

Max has to check out what was under the plastic.  He was not surprised to see Kirby!

Max approves.  It is big enough for my 'tocks!

Of course, the box is more fun than the litter box!

Angel wonders what the big deal is!  It is just a litter girls room and those boys got their germs all over it!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


We are being features on Boolarty today!   Ann ask for kitties she has not featured before so we sent her Max!

She did a wonderful job!

She also included Angel and Kirby

Now, I want to thank every one for the advise you gave us.  I am sorry it has taken so long to respond.  Things have improved, somewhat.   We put calming collars on all three.  Kirby is use to wearing one.  Max was not a problem, but Angel was a wild cat!  You would have thought we were killing her! We also have three diffusers in the house.  I have not been able to find Rescue Remedy locally so will have to order it.  We did find Calm Down by Whisker City to put in the water.  I am not sure it did any thing.

Angel is still very growly and hissy.  She wants nothing to do with Max. She and Kirby seem to be getting along like they did before/  He still wants to put his nose in her business and she gets upset over that.  Max and Kirby dance around each other.  Max will bow up and charge Kirby and Angel.  Kirby just looks at him like 'what ever'.  There have been a few head bops from both the boys  It is better, but still a little tense at times.

We have been playing almost every evening.  All three love the feathers in a wand.  They like the way Mom plays but not Dad.  Mom complains that her arm gets tired.   They have been very good at sharing.  As soon ad any one of them starts the other two show up like magic!  Mom will say, it is Angel's turn and the boys will let her play.  Then Mom says it is Kirby's turn and Angel will lay down.  Then it is Max's turn.  It is so funny how they take turns.  Some times Angel gets over eager and will jump on the feather whey it is Max's turn and ends up in his space.  He just sits down ans looks at her and after a moment of distraction, she is back at play with out making a fuss!

Max has been sleeping on the top of the cat tree.  That is Kirby's favorite place!  I must find a place for another one! 

Max has come up on the bed with Kirby at night.  If Angel is there, she moves to the headboard or window sill.  They do not all sleep with us, yet. Max was not interested in Temptations.  Angle loves Crispies and Party Mix because the pieces are so small.  Treat time is at bed time every other night.  Angel gets hers on the dresser and Kirby on the bed.  Max has learned the sound of the treat bag and likes the Crispies and Party Mix, too!  He has joined Kirby on the bed for his.   All three know the treats are kept in the bedside table and are there any time the drawer is open!.

Things are better.  WE still have some issues, but are working on them.  We have discovered that Max does spray.  We have found most of the places he prefers and treated them.  When we catch him, we scold him and tell him it is wrong.  I do not know if that helps or not, but we try.