Wednesday, March 23, 2016

What thunder storm?

We are having a thunder storm.  See how disturbed we are?

 Kirby watching the lightening out the back window

 Angel was sound asleep till Mom turned on the light! Sorry the photo is so dark

 Max just woke up to see what Mom was doing! 

Hope we do not have hail to take out the rest of the tomatoes that the frost did not get!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

How time flies!

It has been a strange winter here in Texas.  We have had one frost but no freezing weather.  Plants and trees were coming out in February!  March came in like a lion with high winds and they have persisted off and on ever since.   Sorry this is a long post, but we have a lot to report!

We tried to give Mom and Dad heart attacks today! We have had open windows so we could get fresh air.  Angel and I were both in the back window.  Mom is not sure what happened, but she heard a strange noise. 

When she looked to the back window, I, Kirby, was half out the window hanging onto the screen.  I tried to tell Mom that I was trying to put it back on. I do not think she believed me.

Dad went outside to put the screen back on and Mom started to turn away and find Angel and Max.

Max - I was sitting in the living room laughing because you were in big trouble.  I was not involved in this hi-jinks!

Angel - Kirby pushed me out of the window and would not let me jump back in!

Kirby - I did not!  You were leaning on the screen and FELL out when it did!  I was trying to catch you and the screen.

Angel - Whatever!  I saw Dad in the back yard and started yelling at him to put Kirby in time out and help me get back in!

Mom- Angel was making enough noise caterwauling that I did not have to check in the house to find her.   I opened the back door to let her in.  However, Max and Kirby were standing there wanting to go out.

Max -Well, if she was out, we waned to go out too!

Mom - I know, but that isn't happening! I pulled the door closed and somehow it locked!   Dad had to go in and unlock it then keep the boys back!

Angel - I did not need any encouragement!  I started back to the window when Mom got the door open again, I ran in yelling in at the top of my lungs!

Mom - We put the screen back on and came you with a plan to keep this from happening again.

Max - That is good.  We have had enough excitement in the last month to last us all year.  First we had a Raccoon in the attic.  Dad patched up the hole before he was out, so he opened the attic pass through in the garage and was setting on the water heater.   City services does not consider the garage a part of the house so they would not help. 

Mom - We finally got the squirt bottle and sprayed the poor scared critter and he ran out the open garage door.

Kirby - I get to tell off on Max!  We have a kitty flap that lest us go into the garage.  We love to play out there.  So, Max rushed in and brings Mom a gift!  It was a rat and it was still alive.  Dad stepped on it's tail and Mom put on leather gloves and picked it up!

Mom - Yes that was a thoughtful gift from Max.  I picked it up with paper towels and placed it in a zip lock bag.    I thanked Max for the gift, but I wanted to save it for later in the baggie.  Dad put it in a safe place (outside garbage can).

Max - I was very proud of it.  Just call me Rat Man Max.

Angel - Yeah, right, Max the pest is more like it.   I get to tell the third tail.  Mom ans Dad were putting in a garden box and cut the Cable for the internet, house phone and TV!  We were all inside laughing at him.   When the Cable man came out, it was raining buckets so he set in his truck till it let up.   Just before he came into the back yard, Dad spotter the critter that has been living under the shed.  Mom thought was Bunnies!  NOT!  It was a mama Opossum and her five babies, all clinging to her back.  Apparently the rain had run her out.

Mom - So it has been an exciting few weeks and our children are calling our house Dr. Doolittle's menagerie!  Hopefully that is all of the excitement we will have for a while!