Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mom needs to stay home with the Kitty's

Mom came home yesterday ans was hunting a card. When she found it, she left again and told us she would be right back. We thought it was a repeat of Toesday! And it was. She returned fixed our dinner and said she was going to Divas! What the heck! I thought Angel was the only Diva here! It was bed time when she got home, again. I found a new place to sleep! I was in it when she came home the first time ans still there at bed time. Mom got a picture but it was too fuzzy and I Had laser eyes. may be she can get a good one this afternoon!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

where's Mom

She comes home from work and we all get comfortable on the couch. The phone rings and she rushes out saying she will be right back. ti seemed like hours later, she is back. Then the phone rings again and off she goes again! This time is we bed time when she came in! I let her know that dinner was way late. I hope she does not do that again tonight!

This morning Wizard was in Mom's lap and I got up there too! I wanted pets and scritches just like he was getting. I even rubbed up against him to tell him we could share and this time he did not snap at me! Angel

Monday, October 27, 2008

Lazy weekend!

We had a lazy weekend, almost. Mom has bought a new climbing tower for us. It looked cool so sen set it up on the living room and moved the old tree into the sewing room. It was made out of plastic pipe and pink nylon and net. We did not like it. We never used it but would go to the sewing room and climb the old one. So this weekend, Mom took the new one down ans moved the old one back into the living room! It is so tall and she is so short, that she did not realize I was on the top spot, sleeping. Thank goodness it will go through the doors with out tipping it over! I would have been spilled out and angry!

I helped Mom move the tree ans Wizard. She would inch it forward and I would scratch on it. She would twist it a little and I would climb it. I know my 12 pounds was helping keep it stable! Angel.

Monday, October 20, 2008

I miss Dad. I will let him pick me up for a few seconds and cuddle and pet me, but I do not stay long. This weekend, I got in his chair. It is not real clear cause Mom was using her phone camera and the corner was dark

Our Family

Mom thinks this is a rare site. She does not know we do this a lot while she is at work!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I'm up a tree!

Mom said this is a good sign that I am feeling better! This is the first time in 2 months that I have climbed my tree! I did not want to comd down at bed time.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A man that works with Mom adopted a kitty from the local fire station. some one had left her there to fend for herself. The firemen noticed what a round cat she was and sure enough several days later they heard kittens under one of the storage sheds. They fed her as best they could but all the noise of a fire station scared her. When mom's' friend took her in, she did not have any milk so they all thought the kittens had been weened and were gone. After a couple of days with regular meals and watter and after a vet's visit, it became apparent she had milk again. So back to the fire house to look for the kittens. The firemen said they had seen the babies and had been playing with them. Apparently they Had become use to the noise ! He boxed up all 6 and took them home to momma! At first she backed away from them but it did not take long till she called them to her for lunch! They all either learned very quickly or had inborn litter box skills because they all knew what they were to do! His daughter works for Operation Kindness and will assist in finding furrever homes for them!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Mom did come home Friday night. Dad was right.. She stayed home with us all weekend. I laid on the couch with her, laid in her lap, laid on the sewing/computer table - I remember when it was the eating table, and then in Dad's rocker! I have been eating better but Dad stood on the numbers box and held me. He said I am at 12 pounds! At least I have not lost more. I have even been asking for food.

I even sat on the couch with Mom and let her scrtich my chin and ears. But not for long. Dad held me too and I weigh as much as Wizard. Mom said I should not eat so much. I am not as big a he is and should not weigh as much. We had the big bed all to our selves. Course, I still slept on the green quilt at the foot but Wizard's new favorite place is between the pillows! Angel.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Dad got the black box on wheels out today ans started putting stuff in it. I hate it when he does this because that means he will not be home tonight. I laid in it and got my stink all over his cloths. Not that humans can smell our good smell! He kept telling me that it is on my him that is going. We'll see! I hope Mom comes home this afternoon....

If Mom does not come home that means the tall lady comes over ans she has a sticky little. I did let him pet me once. I don't let Mom or Dad per me much, only on my terms. Angel

Thursday, October 9, 2008

We like to play 'outside' , it really is in the garage. Dad put a cat door in so we could come and go as we pleased. Now we can only come in. Dad was afraid we would be in the 'outside' when he came home from work and might escape to the real outside. So now we only get to go after he comes home. Last night Angel was out when Mom was cooking dinner. I got real live dead salmon! and Angel did not! I know she smelled it on my breath because she kept sniffing my face!

I think Mom loves Wizard more then me! Angel

Now Angel! We love you as much as we do Wizard. But, you are still a little shy. You do not like for us to hold you so we only pet you when you ask. Mom

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Mom and Dad has real live dead cow for dinner. Mom knows I have not been eating like I should, so she let me have some. I would have eaten more, but she kept pushing my head out of her plate. I did eat almost all of the food in my plate. Actually I have 2 plates ans I ate a lot out of both. Mom is still concerned because she can feel my bones. I use to weigh 18 pounds and now I am at twelve or below! Mom also found another bald spot yesterday. I have a big one on my neck that Dr. H does not know what caused it. Then one came up on my back where they were giving fluids. Now another small one on the other side of my neck. Strange.....

Mom gave me real live dead cow too! I am not much for eating people food, and I am a delicate girl, so I only ate a small bite. Angel.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Rainy Monday

It rained today. This is the first rain in months. We did get a sprinkle form Ike but not enough to wet the ground. Mon ans Dad did the SubQ's on Saturday and it went better! I have been asking for food, too. It may take me hours to eat it all, but I am eating better.

an,an...Wizard played wif me for a little on Sunday! and he ran, well, walked a lot faster than he usually does! Angel....

Yes, Angel, I played with you, even if you did get a little rough! I only hurried down the hall because Mom was home from overnight babysitting!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Thanks !

WoW! Thanks for the comments and the Purrs ! Mom is new to this blog stuff and is having to learn how to add pictures! Thank you Max for letting every one know we are here. Now we have lots on new frineds to visit!

I tried to get Wizard to play last night like he use to. He wanted to, but just did not have the energy. Angel..