Saturday, May 30, 2009

Late Saturday

Angel: It is still Saturday here, got another half hour! Mom had been in stripping in the garage!

Mom: Angel, I have been stripping the paint off a door! I was not striping!

Kirby: I don't know, Mom. You went out in a red shirt and came back in a pink one!

Mom: Get over it and get on with your post:

Angel: We got a package today! It was from Kimo and Sabi! We guessed the exact room that their MamaKitty was visiting in the capitol of California!

Kirby: Mom took the package in the new bathroom to show it off! Silly Mom! We both had to check it out.

Even Illyana looked!

Angel: What is it Kirby?

Kirby: There are lots of goodies! There is a magnate for the cold box! It says 'Anything not nailed down is a cat toy'!

Mom: That is true! And a few things that are nailed down!

Angel: There is a cocktail Wiener Dog. I thought that was fun!

Kirby: There were 2 Catnip Dental chews. We like these too.

Illyana: What is the black cat thing?

Angel: The note says it is an ice cat (cube) tray to go inside the really cold box! Then Mom can have cats in her tea!

Mom: To go with the cat hair?

Kirby: Mom! you know you like it!

We want to thank Kimo and Sabi for the nice gifts. We enjoyed playing their 'Where is Mamakitty' game!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Window views

Our friends Window Views a cool new Meme for Thursday and since we all spend so much time at and in Windows we thought we would like to participate!

Pee Ess We want to thank Maggy, Zoey and Ann from Zoolatry for the beautiful header.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Remodel work

The remodel work is almost complete. Kirby was being a big help. He and Illyana were making sure the tub was clean. Mom turned the water on and did not know the drain was closed. Kirby did not seem to care. He watched the water rise around his feet. She stayed on the side watching.

Here is the proof of all four wet feet.

We got the cabinet and tiolet installed. Kirby had to make sure it was done correctly. He tested the doors.

Illyana did not want to be left out, so she had to check out the cabinet.

Angel is the typical Diva. She did not want to inspect the work in progress. She will wait for the finished product. Mom thinks another four to six hours or two night will have it finished!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Vet day

Well, Mom did it. She took all three of us to the vet today. It was a wild trip. Angel does not like to be in the PTU. She was hiding under Mom's bed so Mom had to bribe her out. She yelled all the way to the vet's office. Kirby went in his PTU and laid down. No complaints. I guess he is practicing being a big brave Mancat. Illyana had to go in a box carrier cause Mom could not get her in with either of us. Mom had to put her in twice cause she is fast. She could not see out and she screamed all the way, too!

Illyana got her baby booster shot. Dr. H said she was the bravest kitten he has seen all month. All the other kittens cried and wiggled but she was still and quite. Then they stole her blood. She had never been tested for FeLV/FIV. Her mother was tested and was negative, so Mom got her tested, too. And she is negative. She does not have worms or ear mites. We didn't think she did since she had been a foster. Now all she needs is is her Rabies shot next month or so. Dr H gave her a kitten Science Diet starter pack and revolution. He gave her two doses for kittens under 5 pounds cause she only weighed 3.6.

Kirby Weighs 10.3. He gets to take liquid meds for his sneezing. mom has never had to give him and so we will see how that works. Other wise he seemed healthy. The vet techs said his face looked like he has some oriental short hair in him. mom and dad has commented that his head and face looked like he might have some meezer.

Angel weighed 9.6. mom thought that was funny cause she feels heaver than long lanky Kirby. She was sneezing the most and Dr H wanted mom to give her meds too. Mom said that was almost impossible cause you have to trap her in the bathroom and wrap her in a towel and hope for the best. She got a shot, instead. Dr H said trauma could make the cold worse.

Mom speaking: They were good cats at the Dr. H's office. They were scared Kirby and Illyana did a little exploring. Illyana did the most, till they stole her blood. Angel hates to travel and hates anywhere other than home. She went behind the exam table to a corner and hid behind a fan. We were there for two hours because they had an emergency come in. it seems Mrs. Dr H, got a contact lens in her eye and it was folded. She came to have Dr H remove it. He was a nervous wreck. He came and apologized to us ans said he nearly fainted cause he doesn't do humans; he would rather do brain surgery on a dog that have to get a contact lens out, again! He made two vet techs stay in the room with us cause we had started so long. Dr H had started Kirby's exam when the emergency started. Kirby had joined Angel behind the table. then Illyana came back and she joined them. Mom laughed about a cat pile. Kirby got ac close to Angel as he could. In fact, he got under her and she had to sit up more. Then Illyana got on top. Mom did not get that picture but did get others. Of course all she had was her cell phone so the quality isn't the best. They all got the clippy claws too.

We all came home and had lunch. The cats scattered to the winds and then we all took naps!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Easy like sunday

Kirby and Illyana have been cuddling a lot. We are wondering what he is going to do when she goes to her true home. Angel and not felt good today and is hiding under Mom's bed.

We have the sawing, sanding and painting done on the bathroom remodel finished. We still have tile, woodwork and putting the toilet back in! We have the windows open hoping for an afternoon breeze to air out the house. Ww have a lot of dust and paint fumes ans we thing that is why all three cats are sneezing. Mom may be headed to the v.e.t. on Tuesday to make sure they don't have colds! If Illyana is well, she may get her next shot.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Crazy Caterday

We want to wish very special Happy birthday to Mommy ML! We thinks she keeps all the kitty blogosphere running!

It has been a crazy day here. Mom and Dad are working in the bathroom and Mom is handing out Girl Scout Cookie awards to troops. That means there are a lot of people coming to the house. Mom also had a baby shower to go to. Dad went to get lunch and it came in a big brown bag with handles. Kirby got in the bag to play. Illyana got in with him. Mom and Dad are not sure exactly what happened next. All they know is Illyana was screaming and trying to get away from the bag. Then Dad realized she was hung. They thought she had her claw snagged in the bag. Mon grabbed her. That was probably not the smartest move, but she had to do something. She got her hand the scruff of Illyana's neck and tried to hold her. Dad garbed his work gloves to help. That is when they both realized that the kitten had her head through the handle of the bag. She had made several three feat high jumps and twists, so the handle was twisted around her neck. Dad Grabbed the kitchen scissors and they finally got the handle cut away. Mom has about 10 scratches and puncture wounds on each hand and arm. Dad had some, but no as many.

When Illyana was released, she took off. Angel must have thought Kirby had hurt the kitten cause they were in the sack together. She got real low to the ground, proofed her tail and started growling and stalking Kirby! Mom and Dad both started trying to calm her down. Kirby must have thought he was in trouble because he ran. He would not come to Dad or Mom and did not want to be in the same room as Angel.

Every time Mom approached Kirby and Illyana they ran under the bed. Angel let Mom touch her and then pick her up. They know the blood and fear smell made the calming process take longer. Then Mom offered treats to get them to come to her. Kirby was having nothing to do with it. Mom kept creeping closer to him and was able to touch him. He did let her pick him up before she went to the party. When Illyana saw that mom had held both Angel and Kirby she started calming down.

THrough all of this, Dad was blaming himself cause he put the sack down for them.
Mom is still trying to convince every one that it was a weird accident and no cats were hurt. Mom and Dad were hurt, but they understand why!

Illyana had been real skittish of Dad before this happened. After Mom went to the party, she got up in his lap and then his arms and purred and went to sleep on him. All work on the bathroom came to a halt so they could comfort each other.

Every one is OK now. Angel is still nervous and hiding but Kirby and Illyana are back to playing. Dad is working in the bathroom and Mom should be!

Sorry, no kitty pictures today. Mom could post pictures of her ouchies but you really don't want to see them!

Moral to this story: Cut the blasted handles off the paper bags before giving them to the cats to play with!

Friday, May 22, 2009

What was the smell

Congratulations to our friend Barb, her Grey Boys and Whitey! Not the Mama!

Mom ended the post yesterday to investigate what Illyana and Kirby were into. She could smell something. Mom builds miniature furniture and some times uses tung oil to make them shine. She has not had time for this hobby in the past few years but is getting back into it. She had pulled a plastic bottle of tung oil out and left it on the work bench. it was in a bottle similar to this.

Some cat had knocked it off the bench ans since it was old, the plastic was brittle and the bottom broke out! Illyana had stepped in it and then on the work bench; Mom could see her tiny foot prints. Then che came to the computer where Mom was and patter Mom on the face and then shook her hand. That is when mom smelled the oil! She did not get any pictures cause she was more concerned about cleaning it up and making sure it was not on any cats. She only found one front paw on Illyana and she got a Foot Bath. Mom held her by the scruff of the neck and washed her foot with Dawn and warm water. She did not like it,at all! Then Mom user a whole roll of paper towels to wipe up the slime. Since it was old, it had gelled. Then she used Dawn and water and scrubbed the carpet. Yep, indoor/outdoor carpet, not vinyl or wood floors! It is still sticky and still smells, but we are staying away from it!

Today , Illyana boxed Kirby

and Angel!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Oh NO Mom got a new flashy box

Mom's old flashy box was tires and needed a rest. It wanted to rest between every picture Mom took. She would have a good pose of us and by the time the flashy box flashes we were out of there so she has lots of pictures where we have left the building!

Dad got her a new one but the user manual was in Spanish. So mom was taking great pictures very fast but they were way too big to use on the blog! She and Dad looked on the internet and found out how to fix it. The picture of Illyana yesterday was take with the new camera. Illyana was in Mom's lap under the edge of the table where the computer is. Mom was holding the camera and trying to get a good picture but they were so close together that Illyana looks like a big cat. She really isn't!

Here is one of me, Angel, with the new camera. Mom says I sit this way a lot.

Mom and Dad have spoiled Illyana. They got her a tent because her brother Ivan has one. We all played with it but she slept in it. This is Angel and Illyana playing in it. Can you see Angels paw as she is ready to slap at Illyanna?

This is one of the 'big' pictures Mom took. It is Kirby ans Illyana playing in the tent. No more explination needed.

Mom: What is that smell? What have you three done now? I gotta go and see what mischief they are up to!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Monday, May 18, 2009

High Five Sunday

Mom and Dad were gone most of Sunday and we did not get to post. Mom did tell us that we were part of Zoolatry's Hive five Sunday. Mom borrowed the graphics from there.

Thank you so much for the honor! And the beautiful picture of US!

Mom will post about us playing with Illyanna tomorrow!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Illyana has the run of the house

We have been letting Illyanna run through the house with the exception of a couple of room.

Either Angel or Kirby follow her everywhere. They are playing, Kirby more then Angel, and having fun. Some one is always chasing someone else. I hear crying ans start to scold Kirby and he is setting at my feet and the crying comes from down the hall. Illyana chases Kibby as much as she chases him. SHe can slip past him and hide and he will hunt everwhere for her. WHen she gets tired, she finds me and gets in my lap. I will put her in her room for a while and everycat takes a nap! I have to hide her food in a drawer or Kirby will eat it! She does stay in her room at night. She met Jake's cousins today and tolorated them very well, even the three year old.

The remodel project progressed more this weekend, but is still not finished. We are down to painting, installing floor tile and putting the toilet back in!

She has the run on my Granddaughter's Madeline doll house, too!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

More encounters

We have been spending more time with Illyana. Kirby is learning how to play with her. He does have a male dominance complex and wants to play 'house' , but she is fast and so tiny that she gets away from him. I am not comfortable turning her loose yet.

Kirby: She is fun. I know I got to share her toys. But that purple feather is the best! I can't resist! Mom keeps an eye on me and doesn't let me get too aggressive. Mom lets me have a turn playing too.

Angel: I am still undecided about the little thing. She looks like she would be fun to chase! But I can't get over hissing and growling at her. Mom opens the door and lets us have access if we want it, but I am still setting at the door and watching. The purple feather does look fun!

Mom: She escaped last night and ran up and down the hall. She went into a different bedroom to explore. She would run back to her room and then down the hall again. Angel guarded the open end of the hall to make sure she did not get too far away. Kirby followed her to see what she was up too.

So far so good. After only 3 days we are getting along better than I thought. I feel sorry for Illyana cause she will have to readjust to a whole new family and house, soon.

Last night we played feather chase with Kirby and Angel. Two feathers so they did not have to share. They ran and jumped for thirty minutes. Both went to bed and slept all night. No jumping on each other or fussing. I have a calming spray , not Feliway - I could not find any of it locally- that I have sprayed on the Green quilt and on the door to Illyana's room. Can't tell if it helps, but I will continue trying it. I have decided it is Male mating instinct that is the problem.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Angel: I told Mom she needed to remember that Illyana is A GrandKitten. She is not our sister! She is going to live with Shadow, Ivan and Jake! I have to keep telling her that!

Kirby: I got to meet her yesterday! She is a tiny little thing but she is a spitfire! She charged me and swatted at me. She might have even hissed at me. I tried to play, but she kept running away! We play slap paws under the door!

I went in the carrier to see what else was in it. Then when I was walking around it, she went in to see what I had done! Mom did not let me stay long.

Angel: I had no interest in going in! Mom took me in. I had to tell that little visitor that she was a visitor and not home for good! I growled, a lot. I hissed, a lot. I bowed up in the middle and floofed my tail. She bowed up and jumped at me. Mom removed me from the room. She did not even get any pictures!

Mom: Illyanna is going home to Shadow ans Ivan. I just have not had time to make the three hour track. She craves human contact. The shelter said she was shy and she was at first. I went into her room about every hour and spent time with her. By the second visit, she came out to meet me. Now she gets in my lap. As soon as you touch her, that purr motor starts running.
We put a toy in the room that has a fake mouse that swings around a track and she will reach in the 'holes' had play with the mouse. She loves it more than any of my cats ever did.

Angel and Kirby started in at bed time and it did not appear to be play. Angel was growling ans set to pounce Kirby. He was not making any sound, but they were locked in what looked like mortal combat. There is not a lot you can do to deter it. We finally had to make Kirby sleep in another room. It gets scary when the get this way. If this had just started with a new kitten in the house I might understand it. But this has been going on for a couple of weeks. Any suggestions?

There will be more pictures tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What is Mom up to now

Angel: Mom got the carrier out Monday afternoon. I got worried. She and Dad kept telling me it was OK that it was not for me. So maybe they are taking Kirby back! He keeps playing too rough an making me cry. Mom found a scab on my neck where he is playing too rough. She tries to make him stop. But he is just a rough and tumble boy!

Kirby: They did not make me get in the carrier, either! I am trying not to play so rough, but I am still a kitten!

Angel: Any way back to the carrier. They came home hours later and the carrier was not empty! It smelled funny and there is a baby kitten in it! What are they doing to me now!

Kirby: They set it in the floor and let us smell of it. We both got close and sniffed it out. No one said any thing, no hiss, no growl, no meow!

Angel: After we has checked it out, I turned to Kirby and we nose bumped. I really do like my brother when he is not being a pest! Then I went over to talk to Mom. She rubbed me and reassured me I was not being replaced.

Kirby: I stayed by the carrier and tried to figure out how to get that kitten out! I was scratching on the outside and she was scratching on the inside!

Angel: Then Mom took the carrier to a bedroom. They had moved all the bathroom stuff from the remodel out of there getting it ready for the baby! They shut the door and would not let us in! They got her her very own bowls so we would not think she was taking over some of our things. She got toys, too! They stayed with her for a while and then came out to play with us!

Mom: There has been no hissing, growling or crying, yet! Who knows what the night will bring!

Angel: Mom is a goof ball! She called her Tatiana in an earlier post. Her real name is Illyana! And here she is!

Monday, May 11, 2009


Kirby: I snoopervised the remodel of the bathroom. I had to check out every piece that came down and all the new ones that went up. They did not get through yesterday. They were exhausted and out of time! Dad was behind the glass doors getting the wall ready. He took out the doors and the giant litter box I am sitting on. They took out the wall behind it, too.

Mom is wondering how she lived in a house that had only one giant litter box when she was a little girl. Even though she is home alone all day and does not have to share, she still grumbles!

Angel: Since the bathroom is so small, mom played with the grand kids and cooked cause there was not room for three people hammering and sawing! She also visited with our friends and I helped her. This is me on her mouse pad. I have been getting in her lap more and asking for pats and scritches! She did go in and see that the vinyl floor tile got pulled up at the corners so she pulled it all up. My human sister said what the heck, you have hated the colors in this room for 20 years. Lets just do it all! The saga will continue next weekend!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

In memory

He was a snuggle, cuddle, nap, 'i want to be with you' quilting kitty. He had to touch you in bed at night. We wanted to be everywhere and anywhere Mom was. He has been gone 6 months and we still miss him! He loved and was loved.

We will see you ate the Bridge, Wizard!

Mom is also remembering her Dad today. He was a carpenter in his later years. Today Mom and Dad had to rip the wall board out of the bathroom because it has bad bugs in it. Then they discovered they had to take out the sheet rock too. They are hoping they don't have to replace any framing! Mom's Dad has been right there with them in spirit helping pull nails.

Tomorrow our sister Bean will come help, even though it is Mothers day. She loves to do projects as much as her Granddaddy did. Besides, Mom is a short s@#* and can not help dad with the tall work. That is a quote from her Dad!

She promises to post a Mothers Day picture tomorrow, but it will be late!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Russian Blue

Angel: Mom is home and what a tale she has to tell! Mom's son has always wanted a Russian Blue kitty. When the boys were here, they went to PetSmart to get us food. In the adoption center, was a Russian Blue kitten. Mom did not say any thing, but the boys noticed her and commented that 'there is Dad's cat'.

Kirby: When they got home, they told their Mom about it. She questioned Mom as to why she did not get it! Our Mom said she was not doing any thing till she got approval from the boys family. After all there are 5 boys, 4 dogs, one cat and 2 parents in the house.

Angel: The boys Mom called their Dad and he said, yes, I want the kitten. Our Mom called our Dad and he went to PetSmart to see if she was still available and start the adoption process.

Kirby: The next morning, Mom and her DIL, went to appointments and to run errands. They ended up at the base hospital for lab work. As they were backing out of the parking log, a lady was talking to a tiny grey kitten. Mom said, 'Well, there is your Russian Blue'. Mom stopped the car and picked up the baby.

Angel: The lady said it was a stray and just came up to her. She already had 3 kitties and could not take another one. So off to the vet to have this grey baby checked out. Meet Ivan!

Kirby: His name has changed several times in 24 hours, but has stuck at Crazy Ivan. His new Mom said it was fate that they found him. His new Dad said continue with the other adoption cause we really don't know id Ivan is a Russian Blue.

Angel: Mom got three pictures on him on her cell phone and he was sitting on the dash of her car! Shadow posted a picture on her blog today, too. Mom and Dad will pick up Tatiana on Monday and hold her till they can get her to their son!

Mom: I don't believe Ivan was a feral kitten. He was too social. He snuggled to us with our any hesitation. He knew what kitten food was and started chowing down. He also knew what a litter box was for! I suspect someone left him and may be his kitty family on the parking lot, although, we did not see any other cats around. He has a loving family and is getting to know the boys and Shadow today.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Shadow and Jake

I know Shadow posted these on her page, but Mom was there when they were taken. Shadow was on her cat condo when he walked in. She raised her head and looked at him. Her eyes got big and you could see her smile. He picked her up and cuddled her and smiled back

Saying good by to the boys

Mom got pictures of us with Jake! Here we are saying good by!



We had fun, but it is time for them to go home. We know Jake is ready do see his Shadow!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Watching the boys

Angel: Mom is taking the boys home tomorrow. I let Jake touch me today. He scratched my wars and back, but I would not let him pick me up. Brian is OK, too. Although he plays loud games!

This is me watching them play WII

Kirby: I am going to miss them, too! I let Jake pick me yo and cuddle in his arms! Mom thinks I have been slipping in to their rooms and sleeping with them! Brina is sweet! He is always talking to me but I agree with Angel that his games are too loud!

Mom will be gone around two and a half days so we may not get to post! Unless she gets pictures of us and the boys. Fat chance!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Easy like Sunday

Angel up high! This does not happen often!

Kirby down low! This never happens!

These were not taken on the same day! They are never in the condo at the same time except to play in the tube.

Friday, May 1, 2009

make new friends

The wonderful Ladies at Zoolatry included us in their Friends and Feral post today along with four other kitties. They made this wonderful picture for us and we will post ir on our side bar tomorrow!

Thank you for including us!