Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I missed Mom!

Look at the new header!   Our human Sister in Law made it for us.  We are not so shre about that snowball fight, though.  It looks like Angel is after us boys!

Warning, graphic photos!

Before Christmas, Kirby was helping Mom at the sewing machine.  He was laying on the embroidery unit, behind the arm that was moving. Mom looked away for a second and heard a strange noise and the machine stopped.  When she looked around, the needle was broken (all of the needle was still there) and Kirby was setting behind the machine.  Dad notices that there was blood in the table.


 He must have been shaking the foot because we found blood on the floor, the storage drawers, and the machine.  There was not any on the embroidery in the hoop that mom was working on.  He let us catch him and wash it off.  We could not fins the actual wound.   He did not limp or complain about t afterward.

Then we left for a week.  Went to El Paso to visit our son and his family (5 teenage sons).  Our daughter was on kitty sitting duty. 

All three were very happy to see up and wanted attention.  None of them have been cuddle kitties, but Kirby has had a change of heart.


These two are him, laying on mom on the couch.

 This is another one of him today laying on the couch with Mom. 

 And this one is where he is right now.  He wants to sleep on my feet or under the covers next to me!
I am thrilled! I have not had a nap buddy since Wizard passed in 2008.  I have waited a long time for this!

Mom wants to know if anyone remembers where we got the Avatars.  She  wants one for Max.