Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Secret Paws 2017

Secret Paws 2017

 The Box

When the box arrived, Max was very interested in it.  He would not leave it alone so Mom hid it.  Then when it came time to open it on Christmas day, he would not come out and play,

The opening 

The Presents



Kirby got a red and green Nip Candy Cane

He bunny kicked it open




Angel got an Apple and the red paper.


Max got a Nip Stocking and a Nip Cigar.

Mom tried several times to get a picture of all of our gifts and her kitty socks, but we wanted to play!

There were balls and a big bag of NIP! As you can see, Kirby was not going to share the candy cane.  Angel was willing to share Max's toys and try to wear Mom's socks!

We are so sorry that it took us so long to post this.  We remember waiting to see our gifts opened by the kitties we sent to and know Peaches and Paprika were waiting on us! 

Thank you Peaches and Paprika and Mom Carol.  We are still having fun with the toys!