Monday, November 28, 2016

What's up in the tree?

Hey, Max!  Is that you at the top of the tree?

Yeah, so what!  I am up here a lot.

Nothing, forget I ask.

Pssst!! Angel, is that you on the bottom of the tree,

Yes, Kirby, it is.  Why are you disturbing my nap?

No reason.  Most people know those two do not get along, but they have been sharing the tree lately! Mom and Dad are puzzled.

Did you notice we got a new header and a new look?   Our Sister? Aunt? What ever she is, she designed all this for us and has designed our Christmas card!  Thanks, Samantha.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Man Cat Monday

Hey, Max,We almost missed Mancat Monday!  

    What is Mancat Monday, Kirby? 

Well, Max, it is when we guys get to take over the blog since Angel has been hogging it lately! 

I heard that!!!!

Kirby, I think Angel heard you and is coming to investigate!  

Let her!   

OK, But I's outta here! 

Monday, November 14, 2016

What's up with Angels tail!

It's me again, Angel, that is!  

Dad was loving on me and felt something strange about my tail. 

He ask Mom if she felt it.  Well, of course she did not, the first time I let her feel.

Later that day, Mom actually felt what Dad did!    On the front of my tail there is a bump and on the back there is a dent.  Mom thinks I broke my tail some how in the last week or so. 

It does not have a crook in it and it does not hurt, even when they run their hands up it. 

No, MOM!  I will not let you take a picture of my tail.   And it it is broke, one of  the boys

must have broken it! 

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Intruder Alert!

There I was sitting in my yellow chair, enjoying fresh air when I started growling!  Mom thought there was a police car outside from the noise I was making! 

Dad slowly walked to the door to see what the problem was.   

There was a tortie  intruder on the porch.  When dad got closer and called Mom over to door, we both cranked up volume!
All this time my brave brothers were standing across the room like two old scaredy-cats!

Then that intruder had the nerve to jump at me ! Both brothers high tailed it to other parts of the house.  Well, I was not having any of that so I ask Dad to tell the tortie to go home. 

 Apparently it did.  Dad could hear the squirrels talking to it as it ran home! 

Of course, neither Mom or Dad got any pictures or recordings of the event.