Thursday, March 30, 2017


I was going through old photos for a reunion and came across one of my favorite photos of my first cat. Mr Jinks was a large yellow tabby.  This was before we had a color camera!  He is laying on the telephone table.  This is in the late fifties or early sixties.  The phone may have been upgraded to a rotary dial by then. 

The Electric Cat

Monday, March 20, 2017

Max does Mancat Monday

Really, Mom! 

 Can't you see I do not want my picture taken?

Gee!  I guess she does not get the message.

 Maybe if I give her a good glare...

I give up!  Get it over with so I can continue to play! 

Max is limping again.  We are not sure what is wrong.  The vet has not found a reason for this, but it happen when he jumps down from the tree.  We have created a set of steps from boxes (Mom really means junk) that he normally uses.  We are stumped!

Speaking of stumps,  The tree is gone.  Mom thought she has some pictures of the guys up in it, but they have vanished,   They did let one limb get away from them and they broke a window.   They told us to get it fixed and take that much off what we  owed them.    It was a storm window, so there was another pane and the screen so the cats could not get out.  It was repaired within 48 hours of breakage!

Monday, March 6, 2017

Weird Monday

To day is a weird Monday.  The big tree in back is deaded.  Mother nature deaded it. Mom is sad because it shaded that corner of the house. The back yard is full of guys taking it down. But then she and Dad are happy because it will not blow down in the spring storms. It could hit our roof or the neighbors it that happened. 

We cats are in hiding cause there is a lot of noise and something with big feet is on the roof! 

Max was in the cube. 

 Kirby:  Wait, this box does not have enough cover!  I'm out of here!

Yikes!  Mom what is that loud buzzing noise?  
What is that big thing stomping on the roof! 
I'm out of here too!  

With that, Angel and Kirby disappeared under the bed together! 
Max is taking full advantage of an Angel free area!  He wants to go in the garage so he can help (get in  the way)