Friday, May 24, 2013

ANgel's new game

 Warning!! Big ugly bug ! 

Angel loves to go into the garage and bring in big ugly bugs.  This week, we discovered that she has been putting the in the Turbo Scratcher!  The bug is much more fun to chase than the blinking ball!

 Angel ready to pounce.

Take that!  Big ugly Bug! 

Mom was grossed out so Dad took away the big ugly bug and Mom substituted two Hex Bugs.

 I will catch you , Hex Bug!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Blue Tuesday

Mom has been blue for a couple of weeks.  And then tornadoes started hitting hard around North Texas and then today in Oklahoma.  Two elementary schools raised.  Children taken too soon.  It makes Mom feel guilty for feeling blue.

This is Miss Gray. She has lived in our back yard for three years, at least, maybe more.

It took two years to get her to trust Mom and then Dad.  Mom took very good care of her.  Provided her a shelter and fed her twice a day.

 You can see how far she has come.  She  always presented her tummy for scritches.

She and Kirby had become  good friends.  He went outside every afternoon to visit with her.

And then two weeks ago, just two days after Mom and Dad came home form a trip, she disappeared.
Mom checked the shelters for her,but they have not taken any kitties that look like her.  Mom just hopes where ever she is, she knows she was loved.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Thursday, May 2, 2013

What's up with the weather?

Yesterday it was 80 and sunny.  Today it is 50 and cloudy and windy.  Very windy!

It is a good day to snuggle in and watch some TV!

 This shelf belonged to  Mac, RIP.  We do not lay in it very often.

 There is something out there.  Angel has her ears flat and is chittering at it!

It is that cheeky squirrel!  The wind is blowing so hard it is fluttering his tail .  
He had just run up to the window before heading to the tree!