Thursday, September 26, 2013

WE are so sad

Mom here.  We feel we have made a great mistake.  The last post gave us false hope that all three kitties were learning to get along. Now we are not so sure.

 Max is such a loving kitty.  He is getting to the point of sitting with us and he loves to be petted.

Angel is a love me on my own terms and we have accepted that for years.  If she wants to be petted, she comes to us.

Kirby is a fun loving kitty that will ask for pets and loves to play.  However, he has had a rowdiness where he chases Angel and holds her down and bites her to the extent that she is screaming and has tiny scabs under her fur.   Now he has started picking fights with Max.  He has Max so cowered that he can not be in the same room with Kirby. Sorry, no picture of Kirby, He is under the bed.

Max and Angel have never settled in.  She still growls and hisses at him, but he thinks since it is OK for Kirby to be aggressive to both of them, he can be aggressive to Angel.

We love all three.  What can we do?  Say good by to Kirby, or Angel or Max.  It is breaking my heart to have all of this tension in the house and to have to make these hard decisions.

Does any one have any suggestions? 


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tummy Tuesday

Angel here:  As you all saw i am very upset to have a new brother.  However, he is becoming my champion.  Kirby has always jumped on me and bitten me on the neck.  I try to fight back, but mainly I scream for Mom and Dad.   Mon saw me rolling down the hall with Kirby right behind me swatting at me.  Then to her surprise, Max was behind Kirby swatting at him!  That does not mean that he and I are cuddle buddies!

Kirby:  Max and I have worked out most of our issues.  He gets in my face and I bop him on the head. I am not so sure why he wants to chase me when I an chasing Angel.

Max:  That head bopping can go both ways.  Mon has seen me bop Kirby , Too.  That Angel girl is getting better.  She can be in the same room with me with out all that screaming.  We are still not totally comfortable, but we are getting there.

Mom:  It was a rough first few days but seems to be calming down now! I pulled the purple feather on a stick out and they all three shared, each taking turns.  All I had to do was say it is Angel's (or Kirby's or Max's) turn and the other two would wait!  Angel is no longer hiding but has rejoined the family. 

Today we were comfortable enough for the boys to do Tummy Tuesday, within two feet of each other and Angel was within three feet!

 Kirby on the floor

 Max on the couch

Angel, rarely shows her tummy!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

I am not so thankful

Angel here!  Mom went to her friends house and Dad let a red boy cat in the house!  The nerve!  Then they told me I have to like him!  Ha! That is not happening any time soon.  I have been schooling him on the proper way to treat a lady cat! 

Notice how slow he is creeping!  He knows who is boss.

Mom here:  Angel is sitting on the computer desk as I test the video.  She is looking around to see who is so mad.  I keep telling her it is her  making that racket and she just looks off!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Mancat Monday

Mom tells me it is an honor to get to do Mancat Monday.  I am Max.  I am a big red and white kitty so Mom sometimes calls me Big Red.  

 You can see that I do not like the flashy box in my eyes.

I was born December 28, 2010 (approximately).  I had another family but their circumstances changed and they had to surrender me.  I was in a shelter on death row when Frisco Humane Society rescued me.  Mom and Dad saw me at PetSmart in Plano and decided to adopt me.

They had me labeled as a Tuxie!  Just of another color.  Saturday was strange.  I was use to living with 15 other cats and I got along with all of them.  Here there are just two kitties and they were not very welcoming.  Kirby hissed and hid.  But I really do not want to cross Angel.  She may be little, but she scares me with her growl.  It sounds like a very big dog is under the couch!

Sunday, Kirby and I has several up close 'meetings'.  Mom said I was the aggressor but Kirby stood his ground.  He told me he was king of the house so I backed off.  WE did not see Angel all day!

Today, Kirby and I got close enough to nose bump with out any problem.  This is us today.



Sleeping in the same room !  Mom and Dad are so happy.  Even though Angel is still hiding, she did make an appearance this afternoon.  She sat on the half wall and glowered at me, but did not make a sound.   We all thought that was progress! 

Yes, it looks like I am here to stay!  Yippie! 

Saturday, September 7, 2013

It has been a hissy day

Angel:  I am so hissed off!  I even growled at Dad!  A lady came to the house today and left a monster! 

Kirby:  You are telling me!  I greeted it and then wen and hid under the bed. Mom was gone so we blame Dad for letting it in!    Angel got so upset she scratched Dad! Do not think that Mom got off easy, either.  Look at how she betrayed us! 

Meet Max, the big red cat! 

Look at his lovely face.  He reminded Mom of Eric from Eric and Flynn.

He thinks he is something else because he is snuggling with Mom!

We are not sure what will happen at bed time, but Day one of the Hiss Fest is almost over!

Friday, September 6, 2013

What???? What is going on????

Something strange is going on!  We are not sure we like it!

 Three food dishes! 

An empty litter box!!!

We do not think this is going to turn out good!