Friday, April 19, 2013

We were interviewed by the Funny Farmers!

We were interviewed by  Jan's Funny Farmers for Mousebreath!   

We had fun talking to the Funny Farmers and telling them about quilting.  

Thank you, Jan and the Funny Farmers!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Kirby won the When When contest!

Darling Millie in New Hampshire hosts a When When contest in the Spring. Every one guesses when the last of the Winter snow will melt.  We have played along for several years and this year Kirby won.  He guessed April 9th.  See Millie's post here.

The prize package arrived on Saturday.


Kirby checking it out!  Yep, it has my name on it!

 Look at all the goodies!  Nip flavored Temptations, fuzzy mice, a piece of kitty fabric and Evil little Chocolates!  The fabric is very comfy!

Angel had to check out the chocolates. 

Kirby had to check out the chocolate, too !  He may have put his nose on every one of them.  Mom did not care!  she said they were very evil and so delicious!  And, No, she has not eaten them all!  Only one!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Kirby helping on new venture

Kirby can not stand for us to do something that he is not involved in.  WE have been setting up a quilting frame and automatic quilting system.

The frame is ten foot.   It is almost wall to wall in the room.   We were just setting it up this day.

  Loading practice fabric.  It made a great tent.

He does not realize there will be a sewing machine that will run over him!

This is why we have not been around the last two weeks.