Sunday, December 28, 2008

Easy like Sunday

The Granddaughter has come to stay for a few days! I am not sure I like it or not. I stayed out of sight last night but have been in the living room with her today. I did lay on th e couch while Mom played on the computer. The Granddaughter was on my love seat with my blanket. Mom ask her if I could have the blanket for the big couch! I let Mom know that was good, but then after Mom put it there, i went to the bedroom and got in the rocking chair.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Finaly Friday

Well the big package was not for me! It is for the sitter or Mom ans Dad's daughter! They have not had Christmas together yet but will tomorrow.

I did get s new mousie, some soft treats and a nip butterfly and a toy with beads in it. Mom did not know how to put the butterfly together right, so I opened it up and ate the nip and rolled in it! The bead toy has not interested me, yet, but the treats have.

I learned on the Chesney cats blog that the Nip ball I got is a Pawbreaker! We have not seen them around here, but Mom can ask her Son where to get it!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Early Christmas

Merry Christmas to all my friends!

Mom let me play with my catnip ball today. She put it in a bowl so it would not get carpet fuzz on it. Her Son and Daughter in law gave me the ball.

Then Dad let me have a Christmas present early! It was so much fun! The feather spins around all by it's self!

Mom said not to look at the mess in the background! She also tells me there are more presents for me under the tree! I hope it is the big one!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mom and Dad are home!

They was only gone two dark sleeps. They came home in a cold wind. I showed them that I can be nosey! I took 4 shinny balls off the tree! I also took the tiny Shepard, lam and wide men and the train off the table! Mom was delighted. She said she put it up so I could enjoy it, so I did! They want let me go in the garage today. It is so cold and the North wind was coming under the big door! I am currled up on the couch with Mom, at least on the other end, not close!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Going to be gone for a few days

Mom and Dad are going away Sunday night! I will have to be home alone for two nights! I have never been alone at night before! Mom and Dad have the rest of the year foo, so we may not be visiting or posting as much for a couple of weeks! I am going to try to get Mon to pott every other day, at least!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hot water

Mom said we were in hot water! no, Angel, I said we did not have any Hot water! Any way, Mom and Dad came home from work at lunch time and these two guys came to the house. They made squeaky noises from the garage and then they made the lights flashy. They flashed on and off ant then they stayed off! I was nervous and kept running around trying to find the noises and then I went and hid under Mom's bed! Mom and Dad sat around in jackets because the house was cool! When the guys left and the lights came back on, I wanted to go out back to see what all the fuss was about. Dad let me out and told me it was just a new water electric heater!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Singing in the choir!

Mom loved this! she said the second from the right looked like me!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Games we play

When I first came to live inside, I always wanted to see what was outside the front door. Mom was concerned that I would dart out so she started a game. Sh would throw a mousie across the floor and I would chase it. Then she could slip out. Then she started throwing two toys! Even more fun. I will crouch behind something and wait. We are now up to three toys every time she leaves. Last night she was picking up toys and I talked her into playing She tossed eight toys, one at a time, and I would chase them. When she went across the room to get them, I ran to her side of the room and ask her to toss them again. We played a long time till she started coughing. Then she gathered up all the toys and put them on the lowest shelf of the tower. I took them down at least three times before she went to bed. This morning, they were all over the living room again. We have such fun with the toys!
The wind is still blowing here so Mon opened the door and set my red chair up so I could look out at the leaves and other things blow across the Yard. Maybe Dad can get a picture!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Whicky Wuudler and the Everycat gang nominated us for the Lemonade Award. Thank you very much all.

The Lemonade Award is given to sites which the giver show either great attitude and or gratitude.

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We nominate:
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Thursday, December 11, 2008

cold weather

It has been cold here (for Texas) the last couple of days. Yesterday morning it was 20 with a wind chill of 14. it warmed up to the 50's today. I have been finding warm cozy places to nap. I am glad I am an inside kitty, now! Mom is feeling better but still coughing.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

weird sounds from outside

We had wind and boomers and rain last night. and then these weird sounds were coming from all directions! Then at the end of the sounds a man told us this is a real alert! Mom and Dad did what all good Texans do and went out side to see the storm! I don't get it. If it is going to blow us away, I want them in the house with me! Mom told me the storm had passed before the sirens went off so there was nothing to worry about. I was a brave kitty and did not run around like crazy.

Dad slept on the couch last night. Mom was hacking up hair balls and he did not want to disturb her. Mom thinks he did not want to be disturbed by her! She said it is not hair balls, but allergies!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Santy Claws!

I got to talk to Santy Claws! Mom brought him home from a party that had white elefants! It must have been some place big to have elefants!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Easy like Sunday

Dad finally cought me with the flashy thing at the top of the tower!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Finaly Friday!

I think Friday means Mom and Dad will get to be home with me for 2 days! They are doing fairly good this week. They have stopped leaking at the eyes most of the time but every now and them they do. They promised Wizard they would get me a companion so I would not be alone like he was for so long. I am not sure I am ready for company. I am still getting use to being alpha cat!

Happy Friday every one!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Fun time!

Mom got the purple feather on a string out! It is so much fun to chase! I get all excited and try to do back flips! She will flip it in one of the lower shelves of the tower and I will launch onto the shelf and grab the string ans bring it almost back to her! Dad plays too! but when I got tired, I laid down on it so they could not Flip it again!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I'm back!

I told Mom last night that it was time to say thank you for all the purrs and prayers and words of comfort from our friends. And it is time to start posting good things that I am doing! I am not sure I like being an only cat. However, I do get to climb to the top of the tower with out any one telling me not to! It is fun to lay up top and survey the whole house! Know I know why Wizard loved it! May be Mom can get a picture tonight!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wizard went to the Bridge

I have not been honest on this blog. I wanted to keep it positive and upbeat and fun! Wizard was going down hill quickly. This past weekend he started telling us it was time. He did all his favorite things.. he sat in his little yellow chair and looked out the window. He made it to the top of the tower for a nap. he slept in the current box in the living room. He laid in our laps, a lot. He cuddled with Angel most of the time on the couch. He sat and slept on the sewing table while I quilted. He went out in the garage all the way to the big door and came back. He had to lay down three times in that journey.

He did not eat but a lick or two at a time. He would lay on in front of the water dish and not drink but a lap or two. He was not just having OLB's be we two weak to make to the box and when he did, he would do his business and then lay down in the box. He would not sleep on the bed where he had slept almost every night for 6 years.

He could not find the bridge alone so we had to help him. I wrapped him in a towel and cradled him. Dad picked up Angel and they touched noses to say good by.

We know he is in a better place. We are still very angry that a pet food company caused his early demise. He was only 8 and should have lived another 10 years.

He was a Fierce Fighter if there ever was one! He was a true and constant companion.

He was loved and will be misssed.

Angel and I will be back in December.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sewing Saturday

Mom was making a table quilt today and I got up on the table to help, just like I use to. Angel wanted to be with me, but she is afraid to get on the table. She did get in the chair which was close to me. I have been having OLB experienced (out of Litter Box) Tonight was the fourth. At lease I go on a rug that can be washed and once in a box Mom had brought in for Angel to play in. Now I have gone off to the Library, away from the family. I know it worries Mon, but I like to sleep in the play tube, it's cozy!
Mom looked out for White Kitty, but did not see it. hopefully it remembered where home is! It was damp today and that made it feel cold. Mom Said it was in the fifties what ever that means.


I like the cool! I can snuggle with my big bro, which I did most of the day. and then I ran like my butt was on fire and slid on the rug in front of the water bowl. It was 3 kinds of fun!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Cold Friday

Mom told White Kitty he needed to find home. It got cold last night, down to 33 degrees. She told him that she would not worry about him but Dad told him she really would! He was not in the yard this morning when she left.

We are glad we are inside cats, especially when it is cold! We even snuggled!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

White Kitty

White kitty has been hanging around outside. He was asleep on the porch on Tuesday and in the leaves on Wednesday. Mom can not get very close or it runs. She took this picture with her phone. We think this White Kitty is why Angel is so restless in the evenings. She wants some one to play with. Mom thins White Kitty lives i the neighborhood and just likes to be outside. She hopes Animal Control does not pick it up!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Visiting day

We went visiting oug blog frineds to say HI. We need to do that more often. It's hard with Mom at work all day and off sewing or doing Girl Socuts in teh evenings! We will try to get by to see more of you tomorrow.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

cool Saturday

It got cold here today. I was glad to have my clean blanket to snuggle in. Mom brought home a lot of boxes. When she emptied the biggest one she had planned to reuse it. But It fell off the table and landed on it's side. I claimed it as my new favorite place to lay! Mom said it was OK, that if I wanted it I could have it!

Last night, Angel went all hyper on me. I was setting in the floor, minding my own business, and she started running in circles around me. She kept getting closer and closer. Then she Jumped over me! And not just once! Several times. I finally went back to the couch where she could not pester me. Wizard.

I was not trying to be a pest. I just do not understand why you don't plan any more! You have been feeling better and eating more, I thought you might feel like playing. Angel

Friday, November 14, 2008

clean blanket

Dad was home all day on Tuesday and he washed all teh blankets on teh couches. He stacked them on the back of the couch. When Mom came in yesterday, I was a on the back of the couch. Later Dad noticed that I had my head on my blanked. He folded it and placed it on theseat and I promptly curled up and got comfortable. I slept there all evening!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rainy Day

I scared Angel Sunday. I was sitting in the door of my room when she ran down the hall chasing Mom. She did not see me till she passed then I spoke to her. She jumped straight up, spun around and bowed up in the middle. Mom and I laughed so hard!

It is raining here. Started last night. It rained hard and was flashy and boomed a lot! Loud, a lot. Angel was freaking out! And then the lights went out! it was so cool sitting in the dark and watching her slink around. Mom ans dad had lights they could carry around and fixed my dinner and went to bed! Before Dad came to bed, the lights came back on.

Did not scare me! I thought you was some one else! And I did not freak out, much. It was really loud booms and an hour in the dark was weird - ok freaky. I did not want to tell Wizard that I woke Dad up at 5 when it started again! I just wanted to ask him what the noise and lights were.
Mom said i was a 'poor baby' and Dad told me it was ok and to go back to sleep!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Easy Sunday

Mom and Dad found gravy in a bottle at PetSmart. They got a bottle to see if I would eat more I like it. it is chicken flavored! I sat in a chair by Mon while she played on the 'puter. Then I took a nap with her. I am trying to get better and be a part of the family! Wizard

My eyes are better. I still don't like being caught and treated so rough! Angel

Angel, We do not treat you rough. We cuddle and love you while doctoring your eyes. I know you do not like being forces to swallow the medicine, but you want to get better!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Angels eyes

My eyes have been watery and yucky for a couple of days. Mom tool me to see Dr. C. I hated the PTU! especially when we were outside and the wind was blowing! I reminded Mom how loud my voice could be. When we got to the office, i quited down some and when Mom let me out, I tries to hide under the chair! But the guy found me. I got an infection in my eyes. I got a shot! I did not like that at all not the junk they put in my eyes. Mom and Dad have to put it in my eyes three times a day. That is going to be a trick! I don't let them pick me up three times a day as it is. It will be a game of chase every time! He also gave me some stuff that they have to make me eat! Ha! that ain't happening easily either! Mon told Dr C. that Wizard was not eating. She told him and he nearly cried with her. When she said that he would eat any thing liquid, Dr C told her to feed him broth! it looks gross! Angel

Hey! that is good stuff. Broth is water that taste like Chicken or beef! I 'ate' a whole quarter cup the first time. Then they mixed it with my other food and I ate more! Mom was glad to see me at lease try. Since she was happy, I slept on the bed with them most of the night. Wizard.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Dad came home on Saturday! Angel was a little scared of him at first. Dad is worried about me. I have lost so much weight that I am skin and bones. His and Mom's eyes leaked a lot today. Dad cold not sleep last night and sat in the living room. I went and talked to him. He fixed me another dish of food and I ate a little. I eat a few bites at a time. Mom has sat me in front of the food bowls several times today. I eat a little every time. But I'm just not hungry. I went out into the garage this evening for about 5 minutes. Now I am setting with Mom again. Earlier today I sat with her for an hour and let her comb and pet me. It felt good! I'm tires and sad. I have started sleeping in a room that I never went in much. Mom is upset that I will not sleep on the bed any more.

I was a little scared when Dad first came home but I, too, went in the living room and visited after Mom had gone to bed. I even got in his lap, but got right back down! I did not stay as long as I do in Mom's, which is about a minute! Angel.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mom needs to stay home with the Kitty's

Mom came home yesterday ans was hunting a card. When she found it, she left again and told us she would be right back. We thought it was a repeat of Toesday! And it was. She returned fixed our dinner and said she was going to Divas! What the heck! I thought Angel was the only Diva here! It was bed time when she got home, again. I found a new place to sleep! I was in it when she came home the first time ans still there at bed time. Mom got a picture but it was too fuzzy and I Had laser eyes. may be she can get a good one this afternoon!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

where's Mom

She comes home from work and we all get comfortable on the couch. The phone rings and she rushes out saying she will be right back. ti seemed like hours later, she is back. Then the phone rings again and off she goes again! This time is we bed time when she came in! I let her know that dinner was way late. I hope she does not do that again tonight!

This morning Wizard was in Mom's lap and I got up there too! I wanted pets and scritches just like he was getting. I even rubbed up against him to tell him we could share and this time he did not snap at me! Angel

Monday, October 27, 2008

Lazy weekend!

We had a lazy weekend, almost. Mom has bought a new climbing tower for us. It looked cool so sen set it up on the living room and moved the old tree into the sewing room. It was made out of plastic pipe and pink nylon and net. We did not like it. We never used it but would go to the sewing room and climb the old one. So this weekend, Mom took the new one down ans moved the old one back into the living room! It is so tall and she is so short, that she did not realize I was on the top spot, sleeping. Thank goodness it will go through the doors with out tipping it over! I would have been spilled out and angry!

I helped Mom move the tree ans Wizard. She would inch it forward and I would scratch on it. She would twist it a little and I would climb it. I know my 12 pounds was helping keep it stable! Angel.

Monday, October 20, 2008

I miss Dad. I will let him pick me up for a few seconds and cuddle and pet me, but I do not stay long. This weekend, I got in his chair. It is not real clear cause Mom was using her phone camera and the corner was dark

Our Family

Mom thinks this is a rare site. She does not know we do this a lot while she is at work!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I'm up a tree!

Mom said this is a good sign that I am feeling better! This is the first time in 2 months that I have climbed my tree! I did not want to comd down at bed time.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A man that works with Mom adopted a kitty from the local fire station. some one had left her there to fend for herself. The firemen noticed what a round cat she was and sure enough several days later they heard kittens under one of the storage sheds. They fed her as best they could but all the noise of a fire station scared her. When mom's' friend took her in, she did not have any milk so they all thought the kittens had been weened and were gone. After a couple of days with regular meals and watter and after a vet's visit, it became apparent she had milk again. So back to the fire house to look for the kittens. The firemen said they had seen the babies and had been playing with them. Apparently they Had become use to the noise ! He boxed up all 6 and took them home to momma! At first she backed away from them but it did not take long till she called them to her for lunch! They all either learned very quickly or had inborn litter box skills because they all knew what they were to do! His daughter works for Operation Kindness and will assist in finding furrever homes for them!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Mom did come home Friday night. Dad was right.. She stayed home with us all weekend. I laid on the couch with her, laid in her lap, laid on the sewing/computer table - I remember when it was the eating table, and then in Dad's rocker! I have been eating better but Dad stood on the numbers box and held me. He said I am at 12 pounds! At least I have not lost more. I have even been asking for food.

I even sat on the couch with Mom and let her scrtich my chin and ears. But not for long. Dad held me too and I weigh as much as Wizard. Mom said I should not eat so much. I am not as big a he is and should not weigh as much. We had the big bed all to our selves. Course, I still slept on the green quilt at the foot but Wizard's new favorite place is between the pillows! Angel.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Dad got the black box on wheels out today ans started putting stuff in it. I hate it when he does this because that means he will not be home tonight. I laid in it and got my stink all over his cloths. Not that humans can smell our good smell! He kept telling me that it is on my him that is going. We'll see! I hope Mom comes home this afternoon....

If Mom does not come home that means the tall lady comes over ans she has a sticky little. I did let him pet me once. I don't let Mom or Dad per me much, only on my terms. Angel

Thursday, October 9, 2008

We like to play 'outside' , it really is in the garage. Dad put a cat door in so we could come and go as we pleased. Now we can only come in. Dad was afraid we would be in the 'outside' when he came home from work and might escape to the real outside. So now we only get to go after he comes home. Last night Angel was out when Mom was cooking dinner. I got real live dead salmon! and Angel did not! I know she smelled it on my breath because she kept sniffing my face!

I think Mom loves Wizard more then me! Angel

Now Angel! We love you as much as we do Wizard. But, you are still a little shy. You do not like for us to hold you so we only pet you when you ask. Mom

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Mom and Dad has real live dead cow for dinner. Mom knows I have not been eating like I should, so she let me have some. I would have eaten more, but she kept pushing my head out of her plate. I did eat almost all of the food in my plate. Actually I have 2 plates ans I ate a lot out of both. Mom is still concerned because she can feel my bones. I use to weigh 18 pounds and now I am at twelve or below! Mom also found another bald spot yesterday. I have a big one on my neck that Dr. H does not know what caused it. Then one came up on my back where they were giving fluids. Now another small one on the other side of my neck. Strange.....

Mom gave me real live dead cow too! I am not much for eating people food, and I am a delicate girl, so I only ate a small bite. Angel.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Rainy Monday

It rained today. This is the first rain in months. We did get a sprinkle form Ike but not enough to wet the ground. Mon ans Dad did the SubQ's on Saturday and it went better! I have been asking for food, too. It may take me hours to eat it all, but I am eating better.

an,an...Wizard played wif me for a little on Sunday! and he ran, well, walked a lot faster than he usually does! Angel....

Yes, Angel, I played with you, even if you did get a little rough! I only hurried down the hall because Mom was home from overnight babysitting!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Thanks !

WoW! Thanks for the comments and the Purrs ! Mom is new to this blog stuff and is having to learn how to add pictures! Thank you Max for letting every one know we are here. Now we have lots on new frineds to visit!

I tried to get Wizard to play last night like he use to. He wanted to, but just did not have the energy. Angel..

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Sorry I have not posted for a couple of days. Mom and Dad tried giving me fluids on their own last night and they were not so good at it.

I told you I would introduce Angel so here goes.

One cold night in February, Dad came in the front rather than the back door.. He called Mom out to see what he found. Across the street huddled against the step of a Neighbors house was a tiny black and white kitten. Mom could not stand to see her out side in 30 degree weather so she started trying to coax her in. It took an hour to get her across the street because every time she started to follow Mom, another car would come. then she would get scared and run back to the step.

Finally Mon got her to the back yard and was getting her a box with a warm towel and food. When Mom opened the food again, in she came! She would run in and then back out. I came in the room to see what all the fuss was about and she hissed and growled at me. I turned my back and walked away. She followed me!

Mom was concerned that she might have something that might make me sick, so she set her up in the garage. The next morning Mom took her to see DR. C. he did tests and deemed her healthy. So mom let her loose in the house with me.

I ignored her and she stopped hissing at me. That weekend Mom could not find her. She searched all of my normal hid outs but she was not there. Finally Mom found her on a shelf in the quilting room. When Mom picked her up, her bottom was wet. Mom thought she had had an accident and did not think too much about it. Then they started looking her over closely. She still did not like to be held or touched, especially on the head, but they did it any way.

She had a bad sore on her leg that had ruptured and was infected. Back to the vet she went. No one could determine if another animal had bitten her or if a human had hurt her.

Two weeks later she went into heat. She drove me and Mom crazy! Dr. C got that fixed as soon as he could get her in.

It has been seven months now and we are best friends. We play , eat out of the same bowl and sleep together. She still does not like Mom or Dad to reach for her head when they pet her. They think some one was mean to her. No one ever appeared to be looking for her so she is now my sis.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Feeling better!

I am feeling better today. Mom talked me in to eating a little at breakfast today. Then Dad talked me into eating more! Mom took me to see Dr. C. and she and Dad learned how to give me sub-Q fluids. When we got home I went to the food dish and ask for lunch. I ate very well then!

While we were at the vet's office Mom's son called and their 11 (almost 12 year old doggy had gone to the bridge. Mon and Dad were leaking when the guys came in to teach them the procedure and thought they could not handle sticking me. We had to explain what was happening!

Tomorrow, I will introduce you to Angel! She will be sharing the blog with me!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Hi! I am Wizard. Mon's right, I am not feeling well. She begs me to eat, but I just can't bring myself to do so. I guess she will be making me eat this evening. I am tired of being poked with needles! I want to feel better, but I am just too tires. For an eight year old to be this tired, is just not right!

Wizards story

We do not know about his beginnings just the first meeting at the shelter. We had looked at one cat and thought she would be a good fit for the family. The shelter attendant could not get her to come out of the cage. Her human and passed away and no one in his family wanted her. That made us sad and we were sorry she would not come out to meet us.

In the next cage, a large tuxedo was watching us. We ash to get acquainted with him. They brought him into the visiting room an set him down. He crossed the room, passing me, and went to my husband. He picked him up and talked to him and set him back down. Back across the room to the attendant he went. She picked him up and told him he needed to such up to us, not her. He promptly went back to my husband. He was again picked up and told it was me he need to suck up to because I would be the constant companion as my husband travels a lot. My husband set him on the table and I approached him. 'Ok, fella, you have become a challenge. We will get to know each other.'

We decided we could not leave with out this handsome creature, even if he did have a problem. They estimated him to be 2 years old and his left lower eye lid curled in. He would have to have surgery to correct it or he would loose the eye.

We arranged to have him neutered ans that vet told us that it was just an eye infection and gave us an ointment to treat it with. Several days after he recovered, I noticed his eye was looking worse. I took him to a different vet and was told again that he need surgery and it was now an emergency. They kept him over night and fixed the eye lid, before he lost the eye.

I still have a hard time believing he was two. How could some one treat his eye problem for two years and then just turn loose of him. I had failed to ask the shelter if he had been a stray or a surrender.

He thrived in our home. The first night he made his bed between us. He has slept on the bed every night since. It was recommended we feed him Iams and we did for a long time, until the recall.

Wizard had developed a kidney infection about three months before the recall. it was treated and all seemed well. It reoccurred about the time of the recall. It was no longer an infection but kidney damage. He is starting his blog too late to really get to know many kitties because he is now declining quickly and is nor feeling well.