Sunday, December 14, 2008

Games we play

When I first came to live inside, I always wanted to see what was outside the front door. Mom was concerned that I would dart out so she started a game. Sh would throw a mousie across the floor and I would chase it. Then she could slip out. Then she started throwing two toys! Even more fun. I will crouch behind something and wait. We are now up to three toys every time she leaves. Last night she was picking up toys and I talked her into playing She tossed eight toys, one at a time, and I would chase them. When she went across the room to get them, I ran to her side of the room and ask her to toss them again. We played a long time till she started coughing. Then she gathered up all the toys and put them on the lowest shelf of the tower. I took them down at least three times before she went to bed. This morning, they were all over the living room again. We have such fun with the toys!
The wind is still blowing here so Mon opened the door and set my red chair up so I could look out at the leaves and other things blow across the Yard. Maybe Dad can get a picture!


Cat with a Garden said...

That is a great game! Sometimes, when I'm in the mood, I even bring back the toys like a dawg.
Purrs, Siena

Everycat said...

What a brilliant game! I hope your Mom's cough is better soon. It must be nice having the chair set up so you can watch the leaves skittering about!

Whicky Wuudler

Anonymous said...

oooo does your Momma look after you!! :))
I love very much playing fetch with my Dadda too! though I have many he will throw just one toy at a time, coz I like to try and ctach it, then I will bring it back to him to throw again :)
Have fun on you chair! The wind is such fun! so many smells and so many things to see! :)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like pretty soon your Mom may be tossing toys for a long time! hahaha!

We weren't always allowed to go outside. The first 2 years we lived in a big city in central Florida... much too dangerous for kitties to be outside. Mom always worried about us sneaking out when she opened the door, which we did try to do quite a lot. When we moved to south Georgia, out in the county, Mom tried us outside. We never leave the perimeter of our house. If we hear any noises at all we run straight through the cat flap! We are scairt of lots of stuff. But not Evil Squirrel!