Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I'm back!

I told Mom last night that it was time to say thank you for all the purrs and prayers and words of comfort from our friends. And it is time to start posting good things that I am doing! I am not sure I like being an only cat. However, I do get to climb to the top of the tower with out any one telling me not to! It is fun to lay up top and survey the whole house! Know I know why Wizard loved it! May be Mom can get a picture tonight!


Everycat said...

Welcome back Angel and her humans! Thank you for visiting us, I'm glad you have a special place on the bed. It can take ages to get to the snuggling with humans part when you have been an outside kitty. I know you miss Wizard, he would want you to all snuggle together and definately enjoy that tower.



Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Angel! It is good to see you again! The top shelf on the Condo ROCKS! We are always trying to be the first one up there.

Cat with a Garden said...

Hi Angel! I understand that you miss Wizard. There must still be his smell on the top shelf... I'm looking forward to learning more about you. And your mom definetely must post that photo!
Purrs, Siena

The Cat Realm said...

Welcome back Angel. I was very sad after I lost Anastasia and was all by myself. My staff got me new companions and it is great to have other cats in the house - but I will never have the kind of relationship with any of them as I had with Anastasia... I's still fun to have play buddies.....
But you also have some devoted humans who play with you! That is good! Lots of purrs

Samantha & Mom said...

Welcome back Angel and Mom & Dad! We don't have one of those cat condos but Mr. Tigger likes the top of the fridge!!
Your FL furiends,