Monday, October 31, 2011

We live in a haunted house!

We are so happy Monday is over!   It was Halloween and we discovered we were living in a Haunter House!! 

A whole bunch of guys came back and were in the yard and in the house!  If that was not scary enough,the house started creaking and moving. There were bumps and bangs and squeals.  Mom said the squeals were drills and saws, but we think they were ghosts and haunts! 

 Angel:  I was so scared that I let Mom hold me for five whole minuets! Then I wanted down and under the bed.   In this picture I was trying to look out to see if it was over. 

 Kirby:  I hid under the bed, too.  It was terrible.  We could feel the floor move!  Then after they left and Dad went to class, scary little ghost and goblins started ringing the bell and banging on the door. Mom said there was not a ghost or goblin in the bunch,  but lots of Ninjas and princesses.  A very cute Dalmatian that was not tall enough to reach the door bell and another tiny Thomas the Tank.   He kept helping himself to the candy! When some big kids, as big as our grand boys knocked it scared me so bad I ran across the tile and my feet kept skidding out from under me.  I did not come in till Dad came home. Mom said the teenagers were not asking for candy,  They wanted caned goods, silly kids.   But Mom explained they were for the North Texas Food Bank.   That was pretty cool!  

Tomorrow might be bad, too and we think Wednesday is another day to hide.  WE will be so glad when the house is stopped from sliding off its foundation.   At least the almost all of the doors close correctly, now! 

Happy Halloween

These are our entrees in Hansel's Halloween Spooktacular Contest!