Thursday, October 20, 2011

A tradition was started by our furiend, Derby, of showing your ‘tocks to celebrate ‘Tocktober…and his birthday, which just so happens to be today! Happy birthday, Derby!!

Notice the curled tails! Angel is on the left and Kirby on the right. It is usually the other way around.

This is the best Mom could do. The yard is a disaster area from the foundation work. Every thing is dug up and muddy. Then they started on the inside today. Mom did not get a picture of that, but here are some of the outside.

By the front porch. There is a hole in the front porch, too.

Back yard. A hole every 8 feet all around the house. Two through the patio. These holes were hand dug to three feet and then drilled even deeper. Now imaging two inside the garage and three inside the den! House smells of dirt!

This is the cable that was cut that caused the power to go out. Then in the process of fixing it, they took the power out to the whole neighbor hood, at dinner time and worse at Rangers World Series time. The neighbors were very unhappy with the power company! We
were impressed with them. They worked very quickly and efficiently and laid a temporary line to get our power restored.

Mac continues to go down hill. He has his bags packed for his up coming trip.



Brian said...

Nice tocks indeed! Purrs and hugs to you.Mac, we love ya pal.

Fuzzy Tales said...

We saw your comment on Chrystal's blog re: Mac journeying to the Bridge tomorrow and wanted to let you know our purrayers are with you all. Wishing him a peaceful and quick transition.

Much love and Light,

-Mom Kim and the boys

Lucky Lady said...

so sorry for mac