Thursday, January 10, 2019

Happy Gotcha Day, Kirby

Today Kirby has been with us for 10 years!  He has not had a good year.

He was diagnosed with Diabetes back in the summer.  We have been able to manage it with shots. He does not really like it, but no longer fights it.  If any one had told me 10 years ago that I would be giving him shots twice a day I would not have believed it!  The hardest part has been meal time.  They have always had free range feeding.  Now they have to have scheduled meal times and I have to pick up the bowls or he will clean all three. 

He is still the same sweet, goofy boy.  This morning he got in the shower with me!  That was a new antic!

Happy Gotcha Day, Kirby! 


                                           Secret Paws 2018


WOW!  Has it really been a year since we posted?  We really need to get better help!

We got our Secret Paws package on Christmas Eve.  Mom told us we had to wait till Christmas Morning to open it!   

Angel, Max!  Come check this out!!

 What is is Kirby? 

It's our Secret Paws package!  Get a good sniff!  Mom  pulled up a corner so we could have a sniff!
I guess Max is not interested! 

Finally!  Its time!  

Our package is from    Four-Legged Furballs.  Evan, Thimble, Eddy, Tonks, Toby, pup Astrid and  Lorianna

Thank you so much!  

Now for the opening! 

 Dad is helping!

The card is addressed to all of us! 

Look at all of the little packages! 

Kirby loves tissue paper!

 Here Max,  have a sniff of the red stripped mouse!

Angel was checking out the red mouse!


Max had never liked nip until last summer.  Here he is checking out Nip teabags!

  Then Angel did

 Then Kirby!   Looks like we all like tea!

A big container of nip!

And a big container of Party Mix! Our favorite!

 Max picked out his toy!  A crinkley bushy tailed reindeer! He grabbed it out of the box and did not want to share!

  The Grandma made special blankets for each of us!   

Angel's is paw prints

Max's is plad

He took his toy to his blanket!

And shook it!  

 Kirby's is gray and he has pizza on his!  He loves human pizza, too!

 More tissue paper and a red mouse.  Kirby is so happy!

And with a green nip toy! That one is  says Naughty!  The other one says Nice! 

 Then Mom sprinkled nip on the blankets so we could party!  

Mom got sticky memo flags in cat shapes

And a cat ball point pen! 

Here are all of our presents and us!  This is about as close as Angel and Max get to each other! 

Thank you Four-Legged Furballs!