Friday, June 9, 2017

Happy Birthday, Kirby

We did not forget Kirby's birthday, we have just been working all day. Kirby, please take over the blog!

Sure, Mom, no problem.   I am helping Mom quilt a mini cat quilt.

 I am very helpful and careful,  I never get my paw or tail close to the needle when it is moving.

 I am using the embroidery module for a pillow.  It may not look comfy, but it really is!

Ok, Mom, enough with the camera and sewing.  We want to party!  

I also helped Mom bind this quilt!  A quilt is not a finished until it has lots of cat hair on it!

Come and play!  We have lots of toys and treats to share.  You can nap in Moms favorite spot and she  might even take a nap with you!