Thursday, December 24, 2015

 We got our Secret Paw Package.  IT was from Summer, Binga and Boodie! 
at Sparklecat !  We had not met them before!  Summer is a Therapy cat in training.  How cool is that!

 Dad found the box on the porch and the tape was loose, but it did not appear that any thing was missing.  Mom had been worried because we have had package thieves in our neighbor hood. As soon as Dad brought it in, Mom knew is was for us cause it was in a Chewy's box. 

This is what it looked line inside!  Look at all the pretty paper!

Angel and Kirby stepped right up to see what was going on!

Max had to be called over to play with us 

Dad was helping us and so was Mom!

We got two packages of Party Mix and one of Duck Liver Pure Bites.  We had never tried them and Kirby  is the only one that tried them.    He loves them, but he is like Mickey, he will eat anything!

There was a birdy that makes noise.  We all love that one.  And a crinkle mouse with feathers! Some purple and pink balls and best of a Scratcher!  Mom got some pretty colored Wonder Clips to use in her quilting! 

 Kirby is not afraid of pink mice! 

But he could not wait for Mom to put the scratcher box together!  

Angel Explored the Christmas package! 


Angel was slipping up on the back side of the box to see what else there was!

Max is playing with the balls and a mouse and the bird.  Being the youngest, he is the most playful.


 Thank you Summer, Binga and Boodie.   WE love our presents!

(Mom has not blogged in a long time.  She has not been up to doing much of any thing, so she had some of her meds changes and hopefully she will be feel like her old self)

PS.  Not sure what is going on with blogger, but the pictures and words want to jump around when Mom mouses over them!