Friday, December 27, 2013

Boxing day

We are so upset with Mama!  SHe die not help us post on Christmas!   We wanted to thank every one for all the lovely cards.  Mom and Dad only got 4 and two of those were from family!   We gots loads and love them all!

We also got our Secret Paws ages ago but Mom made us wait till Christmas day and then forgot!  Can you imagine that!  She forgot Christmas for us!  Our Secret Paws was Sammy at One Spoiled Cat..  He is  a big red kitty like Max!

 Here is the package that was addressed to us!

 Max and Kirby checking it out! 

 Angel and Kirby reading the card!

 Max playing with the new catnip ferret. 

 Kirby checking out the Kong Active Feather tail ball.  It has a purple feather! 

 Kirby and Angel checking  checking out the Kong ball.

 Max in action with the feather ball! He was all over the room jumping and batting it around! 

We got Temptations mix ups and Morning Munch Party Mix and Original Party Mix.
Angel and Kirby are sampling the Morning Mix. Max was too busy playing to snack!

Angel checking to see if there is any thing left in the package!

Thank you Sammy!  We love all our gifts!