Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and Secret Paws

 MERRY CHRISTMAS!  Sorry we are a couple of days late.  It has been crazy around here.











Max is sick.  He has a heart mummer and CKD.  He has lost 5 pounds in the last 18 months!  The Vet pot him on wet food and he has not eaten in 3 days.  I felt sure he would eat eventually, but he does not like wet food.  We have dry on the bottom of the bowl, on top of the wet food, and mixed then together.  He will est a bite or two and walk off. His Dad gave up waiting and went back to wet. I know he needs the hydration he gets from wet, but he also needs to eat.

What else is going on?  Last summer, out giant Oak tree started shedding branches.  One went through the window of our Collage Grandson, he lives with us.  It took all of the upper glass and warped the frame just enough  that we could not get glass back in it. The middle of October, we hired a window company to replace all of the forty year old windows!  They said four to six weeks.  I expected it would be Thanksgiving week.  They called us on Tuesday before Thanksgiving and needed to re measure the windows.   It seems we do not have standard windows. One slides left and right. The three in the bedrooms were all the same. The two in the living room were the same but different from the bedrooms.The three in the Craft/studio were all alike, but different from all the others.   They had to custom make them. 

We got a call on Tuesday before Christmas wanting to do the work on Friday, December 22.  That was not a good day for us because of appointments. So we set it up for Saturday. three days before Christmas!..  All of the furniture had to be moved three feet out from all the windows. Our daughter and  her family came on Friday to help us deconstruct the house.  Computers, TV, couch, Beds, and shelving units had to be moved.    Angel and Max were very upset by all of this, as we humans were too. The installers were wonderful folks.  There were two guys and one of their wives.  They worked from nine a.m. until 7p.m.

We had to provide a drop light so they could see to finish.  It starts getting dark at 5:30! 

 As you can imagine, Sunday was spent moving every thing back where it belonged.  

Christmas day was spent with Our daughters house to watch the youngest grandson and the great grandson open packaged.  They live an hour north of us! So it was another long day for us. 

We slept till 2:pm on Boxing day! I think we caught up on rest and sleep! Today we finally got to open our Secret Paws package



 Max started to sniff and scratch it first!

Max selected Holiday treats!

Angel picked Original flavored Party Mix!

Angel had to check out Mom's cup!

Thank you Noelle, Reesie, Periwinkle and Stinky, and Mom Sharon.  We really enjoyed our gifts.

We hope you liked yours!