Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Two Tuxies on Tuesday

Angel:  Kirby, it is my time to help with the laundry! 

 Kirby:  Maybe if I ignore her she will go away!

Angel:  Kirby!  You look at me when I am talking to you!

 Kirby:  I am not listening to you and I can turn on my lasers, too! 

Kirby:  She is still back there ,isn't she! 

Saturday, August 25, 2012

We've been LOL'ed again!

We have been LOL'ed again!  Check out all our friends at Wendy's LOL-Spot! 

 You'd need awfully tiny shoes to dance on those taps, I tell you!

 Both ledge-ENDS in their time!

Thanks Wendy!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Easy Sunday

We are thirsty on this easy Sunday! 

Angel loves shower and tub water, only because....

Kirby had the sink!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Happy Birthday, Angel

Mom wished me a happy birthday this morning and told me I am 5! Then she went and got the flashy box!  So here is what I gave her! 

 I walked away!

 I hid behind the tree and scratched!

 I would not look at her!

I finally found the messiest place in the house and posed!

Come on over!  There is lots of food, ham, chicken, tuna, treats, nip, toys, and places to sleep.  Maybe some girl kitties that have brothers can tell me how to deal with Kirby!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Not so happy Monday!

Well. the stare-off was a tie.  We should have been staring at MOM!  She and Dad tricked us into our crates and took us to the VET! Angel cried all the way and was panting when we got there.   She gets so scared when she is caged up. WE told that it was OK that she had a small accident cause that happens when you are terrified!  The VET techs were so nice to us.  They clipped our claws and talked to us.  WE were disappointed that Joey was not our Tech today.  we all love Joey.  He is going to be a vet someday!  They even told Mom that we could have out rabies shots early so we did not have to come back in a couple of months.  Angel really appreciated that!

When we got home, Mom grabbed the camera.  We had a sniff fest to make sure each other was OK and then, this is what Mom got!

 Angel was running down the hall to head  under the bed, so all Mom got was the tip of her tail.  However, Angel came back out to visit!  She always hides after being in the PTU!

 Me, I followed Angel and then came back.  I wanted to lay on the cool foundation!  This is where Mom and Dad pulled the carpet up when we has a leak while the boys were here!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Saturday Stare off

WE did not enter the Olympics cause Mom was too busy.  Whatever!  So we decided to have our own event.  A Stare Off.  Angel is on one side of the room and Kirby is under the table.



Wednesday, August 1, 2012