Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sewing Saturday

Mom was making a table quilt today and I got up on the table to help, just like I use to. Angel wanted to be with me, but she is afraid to get on the table. She did get in the chair which was close to me. I have been having OLB experienced (out of Litter Box) Tonight was the fourth. At lease I go on a rug that can be washed and once in a box Mom had brought in for Angel to play in. Now I have gone off to the Library, away from the family. I know it worries Mon, but I like to sleep in the play tube, it's cozy!
Mom looked out for White Kitty, but did not see it. hopefully it remembered where home is! It was damp today and that made it feel cold. Mom Said it was in the fifties what ever that means.


I like the cool! I can snuggle with my big bro, which I did most of the day. and then I ran like my butt was on fire and slid on the rug in front of the water bowl. It was 3 kinds of fun!

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Anonymous said...

Do not worry about OLBs, Wizard. Mom will fix it!