Saturday, November 15, 2008

cool Saturday

It got cold here today. I was glad to have my clean blanket to snuggle in. Mom brought home a lot of boxes. When she emptied the biggest one she had planned to reuse it. But It fell off the table and landed on it's side. I claimed it as my new favorite place to lay! Mom said it was OK, that if I wanted it I could have it!

Last night, Angel went all hyper on me. I was setting in the floor, minding my own business, and she started running in circles around me. She kept getting closer and closer. Then she Jumped over me! And not just once! Several times. I finally went back to the couch where she could not pester me. Wizard.

I was not trying to be a pest. I just do not understand why you don't plan any more! You have been feeling better and eating more, I thought you might feel like playing. Angel

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