Thursday, April 16, 2009

What are you palying with

Mom: Tuesday afternoon, I could see the kitties in another room playing. One would jump off the ottoman and the other would jump up. The one in the floor would tentatively paw at something.

Conversation between then as they changed places:
Angel: What is it?
Kirby: I don't know.
Angel: It moves!
Kirby: Get it!
Angel: no you get it!
Kirby: No, you are the oldest, you get it.
Angel: But you are almost a mancat. you get it!
Mom: What are you two playing with?
Both: Nothing!
Mom: Let me see! OH, what is that buzzing noise!. It is a honey bee.
Kirby: Look Mom! the whole window is full of them. Can I whomp them?

We has a bee swarm in our attic and they were finding their way in the house. I garbed Kirby cause he was closer and locked him in the bathroom. Then I called Angel to out into the hall and shut the door. After calling Dad, I checked outside, the bees were flying all around the eaves! I called the only bee keeper in the phone book and had to leave a message. Dad got home and we turned the air conditioner on and put on sweaters. The bee keeper called back an hour and a half later. She would send some one out on Wednesday. The bees do not like the cold and were starving because there was no 'food' for them in the room. We vacuumed them up and emptied them in the garbage can. We counted at least 30 in the house. The bee keeper sprayed the eaves but only a few came out. He thinks we ran them off by making the house cold.

Sorry, we did not get any pictures cause we were in reaction mode.


Max said...

Whoa...scary. The Woman would be calling 911 if a bee swarm got into our house. Well, she's kinda allergic so dying is a risk with bees around, but she sure wouldn't be thinking as clearly if it happened here.

Zeus said...

I had something very similar happen to me, only it was bright red paper wasps. It's absolutely terrifying! I feel for you. I'm glad everyone was ok.

Amy & the house of cats said...

Wow, that is crazy! I am glad you and the kitties all escaped unstung! I hope that is the end of them for you. But good job to the kitties for finding it and alerting you!

Cheyenne -Millie said...

Hmmm! Bees not good! My mom would freak out if there were any here!

Lisa said...

Wow, that's exciting! Smart move turning on the AC. We had termites at our place and there was pretty much nothing we could do about them!

Findlay Furs said...

I am glad your furs did not try to bite one - they bite back! But they are fun to play wit so I hope you enjoyed it wile you ad them...
purrs Luke

Elin said...

Luckily u are all ok!


Forever Foster said...

That would have been scary! My mum would have been running around waving her arms about, and would probably make her way into the next state! Your people are very brave!

Pinky Ash and Boo said...

Oh no, we're glad you all are alright. Bees can be no good at all.

Anonymous said...

Yikes! One of our Aunties had a huge bee hive in between her walls once. Our nephew is severely allergic (life threatening) and our Auntie freaked out for a few days even after the hive was removed.

Thank you so much for commenting on Mom's niece's journalism assignment post! We really appreciate it!

Cat with a Garden said...

Oh my, what an adventure! I catch bees outside and, ehem, eat them and if your mom was only half worried... well, she was worried then. Very smart to switch on the air conditioning!
Purrs, Siena

P.S.: Thank you for celebrating my birthday with me. I means so much!

Noll's Nip said...

Glad no one got stung! Good job kitties for finding that first bee and alerting everyone to the situation.

Chrissie said...

Sooooo, nobody got it, eh? Good! I'd've hated to see one of you stung! That was pretty quick thinking of your 'rents to turn the AC down. No happy home for the bees.

The Monkeys said...

Wow, that sounds like fun and it also sounds like you two had it completely under control!

WCTs said...

Yikes ... Good to know about the AC & the sucking thingy. Sheesh!! Great story & pawsome pics!

KC and the Giggleman Kitties said...

What a story. Sounds like one of Daddy Charley's Sci Fi Movies.
Your Mom and Dad certainly know how to react in a crisis. Sounds like you took care of it. Purrfect.
Love & Purrs,