Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thank you!

I want to thank every one for the well wishes, words of comfort and information. We are still reeling from the news.
Mac is happy and energetic. He is eating Fancy Feast gourmet meals, Appetizers, Fresh cooked chicken in broth. So far he is eating every thing we put in front of him. He is taking an antibiotic and a steroid. WE are trying a probiotic on his food.

Angel and Kirby were tested yesterday. We will know sometime tomorrow if they are affected.

Sorry no pictures today!


Emmylou said...

We will continue sending good thoughts and purrs your way!

Lucky Lady said...

Let us know as soon as you find out about angel and kirby and we sure hope mac is ok

Brian's Home Blog said...

We are sending our best purrs and crossing everything we've got!

Sparkle said...

I am sending more purrs your way. PLEASE keep us posted!


Purrs for all!

The Island Cats said...

We are purring for Mac and for good news for Angel and Kirby.

RoySr said...

The best for Mac, and for everyone at your house. Take care, and do keep us in the know.

Special Purrs for the little ones.

Angel Prancer Pie said...

Our purrayers are with you. Keep us updated, please. xoxo

Forever Foster said...

Hi kitties and mom.

What is the vet testing for? There is as yet no definative test for FIP. Unfortunately the only way to properly diagnose is through an autopsy. If the vet is testing for the feline corona virus (feCOV), be aware that there is a very good chance it will come back positive. Most cats will at some stage have been exposed to FeCOV, and many of them will show no clinical signs as the strain they carry is avirulent. If Angel and Kirby do test positive, please do not worry unnecessarily. This does NOT mean that they will develop FIP. There is every chance they were actually infected prior to coming to your home, or ever being in contact with Mac, so it also doesn't mean that he has infected them with FeCOV.

Feline Infectious Peritonitis is actually quite a misleading name, as it is not in actuality the FIP that is contagious. It is the feCOV that is contagious. For some reason, most probably the genetics of the individual cat or the pathology of the feCOV strain it will either mutate after infection from FeCOV to FIP, or the bodies own immune response will lead to FIP.

If your vet has told you that Mac tested positive for FIP, I would really really recommend trying to get a second opinion. It is just not possible to test positive for FIP. Our early vet told us Lishy had FIP based on testing positive to FeCOV, and it caused us so much heartache and worry that we later found out was unneccesary. If the FIP vaccine is suggested for Angel and Kirby I would strongly suggest reading more about it, as it has proven largely ineffective while bringing with it risks of it's own.

There were a couple of cats presumptively diagnosed with FIP at the clinic I worked in. Interferon was usually recommended as the new treatment of choice, though I believe it is quite new.

There is a lot of very contradictory information about FIP online, and quite a lot of bad information too. Try not to Google too much. I saw Moki's mum provided some great links on your last post, try and stick to them as they are reputable.

I'm so sorry you are going through this. It is terrible when one of your loved ones is unwell and you don't know why. You are all in our thoughts and prayers, and the kitties are sending Mac mega purrs.

-Mum Lissa.

JB's Big and Small Worlds said...

How did the tests come out? We are so worried. Mom just emailed her friend, though will see her friend down at Petsmart today at 75 and Parker, so she will ask more when she sees the other volunteers.
Please let us know the results.
Hugs and purrs,

Brian's Home Blog said...

It's just me checking in on you all.