Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all our friends.  We hope you have had a wonderful day full of love and joy.

When Mom and Dad came home from the family down the alley's house, we got to open our Secret Paws package.     It was from Mudpie and Melissa.

We have been sniffing the box for days, begging Mom to open it.  Then when Dad got the camera, we would not get close to it!

 Look at all the packages! 

OOPS, Mom and Dad need to coordinate better! 

 OK, that is better. 

Kirby has picked put his favorite toy.  It is a Chickadee that makes noise! 

 This ball also makes birdie noises 

 Max is interested in the feather butt balls!

And so is Angel.  Good thing there were two of them! 

Angel is also checking out the Nip mouses!


 OK, Max, Mom is taking it out of the package for you!

This  Kitty Kush Catnip Grinder was a big hit with Angel and Kirby.   Max did check it out, but he has never been a nip head.

 This is a cool treat dispenser!  It is a snowman that rocks.  There are treats inside and Mom thinks we are going to make it rock and get treats out.  We fooled her.  We watched her rock it and and then ate the treats that fell out! 

That is three different flavors Party Mix, our favorite treat.  Kirby is laying on wrapping paper that has nip on it!  He rolled on it till he had nip all over himself!

 Mom got this cute box.  She does not work any longer, but we know how to spend her retirement funds! 

 And this cute bag with kitties and a pair of Kitty socks!
 And here Angel is looking over all the presents, well except the feather falls that she and Max claimed!

PSSST!  Mom you forgot the pretty purple fluffy balls!  I know there are three, but those boys do not like purple! 

Here are a couple of short videos of Max playing.

Thank you Mudpie and Melissa.  We really are enjoying all of our gifts!


Summer said...

Wow! Mudpie and her human really picked out some nice gifts for you! Paws up!

Jans Funny Farm said...

Looks like the box of gifts was a hit with everyone. What nice presents!

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

That is a lot of lovely gifts for all of you and your mum. Mudpie and her mum, Melissa chose well.

Brian said...

That was sure a nice bunch of goodies and we're glad you had a Merry Christmas!

Forty Paws said...

Awesome Secret Paws prezzies! You guys did great!

All of us at Forty Paws and Maw.

My Mind's Eye said...

OMCs look at all that loot!!! Bravo Mudpie is a great shopper
Hugs madi your bfff

pilch92 said...

Very nice gifts. Merry belated Christmas! Happy Boxing Day!

The Island Cats said...

What fun presents you got! And all those treats...YUM!

Deziz World said...

What a pawsum gift box ya'll got. So glad you all enjoyed your new toys and all those treats. We'll never unnerstand why our humans think we oughtta work fur our food and treats. It's so much easier to sit back and let them do da work while we reap da goods. MOL Big hugs to you all. And fanks fur stoppin' by our blog. Come back anytime.

Luv ya'

Dezi and Raena

Photo Cache said...

What lovely presents. WE love the cat wrapping paper.

Emma and Buster

Katie and The Katz said...

what funs in your Pawsome gift! Meowry Christmas to you !
Hope you hads a furry funs with boxes on Boxing Day

Purrz from Katie Kitty Too

Melissa, Mudpie and Angel Truffles (Mochas, Mysteries and Meows) said...

We're so happy you guys enjoyed the gifts we picked out for you! Hope your Christmas was purrfect in every way :)

Unknown said...

So happy for you!!! You got so many cool stuff!!! Enjoy all those fun and yummy presents:)

The Swiss Cats said...

Thank you for visiting our blog ! What a pawsome package ! Those are great gifts ! Purrs

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

what great prezzies!!!! Please, we would love to follow you but we only follow by email. Could you please add "follow by email" to your sidebar? Thank you!! xoxo catchatwithcarenandcody

LP said...

Merry Christmas! Thanks for stopping by. It looks as though you were properly spoiled by your Secret Santa Paws! Enjoy your presents :)

the critters in the cottage xo

Annie Bear said...

What wonderful Christmas gifts! Annie loves all those treats and I love that kitty purse! You guys look so happy!

Hairballs and Hissyfits said...

WOW what a wonderful bunch of gifts! Happy holidays

Katie and The Katz said...

Melissa and Mudpie sure know how to get lots of fun stuff in one box! We neber seens a catnip grinder afore - how furry interesting! Socks, a purse and a box fur your pawrents and such fun toys! And wrapping paper with catnip... me rolling around on the floor just thinking about that! Thanks fur stopping by yesfurday and we am so glad you hads a furry Meowry Chrissymouse.

Purrz from Angel the Fetch Kitty
and the other Mewzers at
Katiez Furry Mewz.

Dragonheart, Merlin, Devi, and Chloe said...

Those are some great presents you received from your Secret Paw! The catnip grinder sounds interesting! We are glad you had a Meowy Christmas!