Monday, January 5, 2009

All my friends

Mom needs to learn how to put my friends on a blogroll. all my friends are in her Favorites folder and she has 3 computers that she uses and they all have different favorites! She tries to keep them the same, but you know how Mom's can be.

I was not happy at all when she left before day light this morning! At lease she remembered to play the going out the door game of toss three toys for the kitty to chase!


Cat with a Garden said...

Angel, at the top right of your bloggie you find three buttons. Ours are in German, so we don't know exactly what they are called in English. There's one for "new post", one for "adjust" one for "log out". Click the middle one, the adjust one. Then you come to a page where you can design the layout of your bloggie. Search for "Add gadjet" and then choose "Blog list" from the options. That's about it - at least it was like this in our case - you can now add all your furrends. We hope we get added! ; )
Siena & Chilli

Anonymous said...

We have a page on our blog that has 3 different blogrolls. We use to use Blogrolling, but it's been broke for a while. Now we just use Google Reader. It's lots easier, because it tells us when there's a new post.

JB's Big and Small Worlds said...

My mom went back to work today but luckily she works from home. It is nighttime now and I did not get any tossed toys to chase yet!
You should have your mom add your friends to your side bar, in the blogger customize section.....we just did that and were able to add a small photo as an option too. Our blogroll is in my Big World blog.
Pee Ess: My mom and daddy do love to travel but have not done a whole lot of it lately. Maui is in March though!

Everycat said...

Hey you have a blogroll now! Well done, Blogger isn't the easiest thing to figure out, it took us ages.

Glad your Mom had a little play with you before leaving for work today.

Whicky Wuudler

Anonymous said...

I remember when my Momma used to do that, and she used to have wet eyes too! .. silly Momma..

That is how Momma used to store our friends, in the favorites, but then it because too many to check every day so we now use a program called bloglines, ( but there are lots out there like google reader etc)
The Bloglines lists all our friends, but also only highlights those that have new posts. It makes it very much easier.
There are lots of new tricks an things to learn, as we found out :)